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Thread: Liquid Chlorine

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    Liquid Chlorine

    New Pool owner here! Can't get a FC reading on strips or with test kit. I have painted plaster and want to try using Clorox to shock it, I am getting nowhere with the lithium. Is that safe for painted plaster?


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    Re: Liquid Chlorine

    Hi, and welcome to TFP.

    Liquid chlorine can indeed be safely used with ANY pool surface. Just pour it in SLOWLY in front of a return with the pump running.

    Strips are notoriously inaccurate. I am not sure what other kit you are using. Your best bet would be to invest in a good test kit (we recommend the Taylor K-2006, available online, or the TF-100, link in my signature) It will save you a ton of money, especially if you have been using lithium!!

    Until you can get a kit, go to the pool store and have your water tested. DON"T BUY ANYTHING! come back here and post your results, and we'll be glad to assist you in clearing up your green pool.

    Meanwhile, go to Pool School, linked in my sig, and read and re-read everything there!

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    Re: Liquid Chlorine

    Thank you! I've been following this site and I think I can get more help here than my pool bi-weekly pool service has been providing.

    I got my testing kit at Leslies. I have my water tested there as well. I've been battling the 0 FC for a week now. They told me to put Fresh and Clear in tonight and shock after an hour. If I still have 0 FC in the morning I'll take them a sample and we may have to neutralize and start from scratch (?)

    History: I had high CYA, drained the pool halfway, refilled and everything was perfect for a week or two. Heavy rains in NJ and the PH and FC started fluctuating. I keep shocking but it doesn't hold. CYA is still high at 60, but it was 100.

    My pool is 30,000 gallons so I used 6lbs of lithium shock after 12 lbs. of Fresh and Clear. I cover it at night and when it rains if I can catch it (except when I shock).

    I will get the water tested tomorrow and post the results.


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    Re: Liquid Chlorine

    don't listen to the and don't get your water tested there. get a good test kit, and if you're using the crystal shock lithium, it's way too expensive. read pool school and learn how to really shock your pool. it's not a one time addition of chlorine. it's a process.
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    Re: Liquid Chlorine

    Fresh-and-Clear is monopersulfate (MPS) which is more of a spa product than a pool product. If something is burning up your FC, you need to keep putting in more until you can get it to hold in the mid-20's overnight. Go ahead with the bleach. My local Leslie's carries liquid chlorine (10%) at what is actually an okay price, or you can just use the big jugs of regular bleach. The Pool Calculator tells me you need 7 of the 182-oz jugs of 6% bleach, to raise FC by 20 in a 30,000 gallon pool; or, around 6 gallons of the 10% stuff.
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