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Thread: leaking

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    How can i find a possible tear in ag liner.

    im not sure if thats the problem but from inside the pool when i walk over near the skimmer and return the bottom edge along the pool floor is soft.

    its hard to say what it is b/c i dont have all my backfill done yet so theres not that much dirt and no stone over there yet and the return drips and so does the flex hose attached to the skimmer. and from doing "maintenance" i've had water come out over there (messing with pump skimmer etc...) not to mention all the rain we've had and i have clay soil.

    the return is leaking where i had to screw on the part to be able to connect a hose to and i used thread tape and i cant tighten it anymore b/c the whole eyeball piece wants to spin and twist liner. and the skimmer is leaking at the same spot. im gonna try taking off both connections and starting over with more thread tape.

    this whole mess started with the skimmer and return b/c the pool place didnt tell me i needed to purchase those (they werent included). anyway when the installers came out they asked for the skimmer and return and i was like what?????? i had to buy them and do them myself and the first one a bought had missing pcs (newbie so i had never messed with this stuff before) put it on and the water guy came and filled pool and it leaked so i had to drain water that i just paid for and take back skimmer and they gave parts out of another box and it still wasnt right and trying to find good directions for these things is impossible and every place i asked they were unsure. this filling and draining happened a few times but i finally got or at least i hope i did.

    how would you ever know if waters getting between liner or if its a leak in liner? im ready to give up!!!!

    is anyone near my area that could maybe stop by so i could pick there brain and maybe they could see whats wrong. i live in lansdale ,pa if anyones close and could help i'll give full address.

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    Re: leaking

    Hi Mike

    Sorry to hear of your troubles.

    If you do get someone to respond to agree to come to your house, be sure to send them your address through PM and not post it publicly.

    Taking the return off and using more thread tape sounds like an excellent idea. So you think the skimmer part is no longer leaking?

    I'm not an expert on building pools, but it sounds like the ground is just soft under the pool from all the leaking you have had, I wouldn't first suspect a tear in the liner. I would think that if you get the drips stopped and finish the backfill, etc., the area under the pool will be okay, the water will drain back away.

    But hopefully someone with more knowledge in this area will comment.

    Good luck.
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