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Thread: How to do a partial refill? Rent sub. pump?

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    How to do a partial refill? Rent sub. pump?

    I'm trying to figure out a more efficient way to do a partial drain/refill. It's going to take forever to just lower it a few inches, refill, recirc. retest etc.

    Should I rent a submersable (sp?) pump? Does Lowe's rent those? How much are they?
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    Re: How to do a partial refill? Rent sub. pump?

    Since you have an above ground pool, you could easily siphon the water out. A large vacuum hose would work quite well and probably be just as fast as a sump pump.
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    Re: How to do a partial refill? Rent sub. pump?

    I suggest you call Lowes/Home Depot directly and inquire. It may be different in some areas.
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    Re: How to do a partial refill? Rent sub. pump?

    Here's how I get the siphon going in the spring to get all the nastiness off the bottom- I siphon directly to waste using the Vac head and Vac Hose (bypassing the filter and pump completely) - that way I don't have to wait for the water top off to be complete before I can start cleaning the debris out of the pool.

    1) Mount vac head to extension pole

    2) Connect Vac hose to vac head.

    3) extend pole and get vac head to the middle of the pool where it's deepest (My AGP has a scooped out center)

    4) Extend vac hose up and over the side of the pool and to a point lower than the vac head in elevation.

    5) Suck on the end of the hose until the water comes up and over the edge of the pool- gravity will take care of the rest. You'd be surprised how fast a 1.5" vac hose drains.

    The key is to get the hose output lower that the hose input. That way, once water starts flowing, gravity keeps it flowing. The reason I use the vac head is to keep the input end submerged at all times. If the input comes above water and the siphon sucks in air, it will break the vacuum you have set up and the draining will stop.

    Of course, the real art in the spring is not getting a mouthful of nasty winter water!!! Practicing now with clean water will get your skills in tip top shape for spring. :P
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