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Thread: losing pressure?

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    losing pressure?

    My pool was built over the winter. 16000 gallon gunite with 1 hp pump, cartridge filter (4 cartridges), 36" waterfall, 4 returns and an outlet for a booster pump cleaner that has a 1.5 hp booster pump. On the intake side: One skimmer and the normal non-vortex main drain.

    Generally, I run the pool with the waterfall off because it's kind of noisy with a 3 or 4 foot drop to the water. When the pool was first built, with the waterfall off, my pressure guage would sit at about 15 psi and with all the valves open with the waterfall going I had good flow with 10 psi. This was with the pool cleaner connected to the outlet.

    I've noticed my pressure seems to be dropping in my filter tank. Now with the waterfall off I'm getting 10 psi and with the waterfall on ...7 or 8ish. Barely enough pressure to run the waterfall. If I disconnect the cleaner, pressure goes even lower.

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    By my understanding, as the filter cartridges get dirty, the pressure in the tank should go up..correct? I've been cleaning them regularly and they aren't very dirty. Water quality is fine.

    I did have an issue with my pump back in April and noticed that afterward this is when I noticed the decreased pressure...I went on vacation leaving the timer on. With spring time junk filling up the skimmer basket while we were gone, the backflow when the pump kicked off knocked the full skimmer basket out of its sump and the pump was sucking all kind of **** into the pump strainer basket and even it got full to the point where the sucking pressure tore a slit in the pump basket. I'm thinking that with that big clog in the pump strainer...the pump was not running the amount of water it should have been and don't know if it would have gotten damaged while running like that? I also dont know if through that big slit the pump sucked in some larger debris that it ordinarily shouldn't have which may have affected the performance of the pump.

    What do you guys think?

    Is the pressure in the tank affected at all by water temperature? Would colder water make higher pressure for any reason?
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    Re: losing pressure?

    Sounds like you might have something stuck in the impeller. Sometimes you can access it through the pump basket but most of the time you will have to separate the motor from the pump to clean it out.
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