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Thread: Newbie and lost in chemistry

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    Newbie and lost in chemistry

    My husband got me an East Set pool for Christmas and after filling it he decided it was not level enough so we left it for a few days without any chemicals. Now it is refilling and I have shocked it HTH Super Shock, but the water is cloudy and green. My pool has a 5600 gallon capacity and is a cartridge type filter. Of course it is an above ground pool. I just tested it and the results are as follows: 200TH , 3-6FC, 7.8ph, 240TA, and 0CYA. Please help.

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    Re: Newbie and lost in chemistry

    Yes, it can be a bit much to learn all at once. You might want to start with these Pool School articles: Recommended Chemicals and How to Chlorinate.

    Now, those articles are written for larger permanent pools. Your pool is small enough that that the usual recommendations don't apply so well. In your case I would suggest getting a form of chlorine where the ingredient list says "sodium dichloro-somethingorother" which comes in many brand names; we call it dichlor. This is a combination of chlorine and stabilizer, and you need both. So, get 3 pounds of dichlor, and use that as your chlorine source until it's all gone. After that, switch to bleach.

    Are you using test strips? You probably also want one of the 2-way kits, chlorine and pH, that will be enough. Because the pool is green, you want to use the dichlor to get your chlorine up over 5, and keep the filter on, until the green clears up.

    This might not be adequate, but with a little bit of luck it'll clear up and you won't need one of the heftier test kits.

    Let us know how it goes, I want to find out if I'm a clever dude or a chump!
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