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Thread: Polaris 65 under a solar cover

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    Polaris 65 under a solar cover

    This is my first post on the trouble free pool site. I tried to scan old posts first; but didn't see an answer, so here is my question:
    I have a Polaris 65 pool cleaner that was left at the house we bought with an above ground 24' round pool.
    I bought a solar cover, and am now wondering if the cleaner can be run under the cover?
    I emailed the technical address for Polaris, and received the answer, "yes, the 65 can be used under a solar cover, as long as the cleaner does not make contact with the cover".
    Interesting answer. I'm guessing that the effectiveness of the cover would be slightly reduced if it weren't making contact with the water.
    Anyway, does anyone currently run this cleaner under a solar cover with any level of success?

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    Re: Polaris 65 under a solar cover

    If you mean a floating solar bubble cover it won't work. The cleaner propulsion unit floats on the surface of the water and a floating cover would impede that.
    IF you mean a pool cover that attaches to the top of the pool and there is headspace between the water surface and the cover it will work just fine as long as there is enough room.
    The second type of cover is not uncommon in AGPs but it is technically not a "solar cover".

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    Re: Polaris 65 under a solar cover

    Thanks, thats what I thought would be the situation.
    Can anyone recommend a good automated cleaner that can be used with a bubble solar cover on the above ground pool?

    Thanks again,
    24' round AG
    sand filter
    1hp pump
    BBB user

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    Re: Polaris 65 under a solar cover

    Anything that runs around on the bottom and has at most a smallish hose along the surface should be fine. I've had mine running under cover for 3 months, the only issue has been that I have to remember to go look for it to see if the bag needs emptying. Before the cover I would notice anytime I went out in the back yard.

    If you cut your cover into sections, I'd suspect that it works better to cut parallel to the wall that has the pressure fitting, so the hose is less likely to snag in the gap.
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