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Thread: Leaking Heat Pump

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    Leaking Heat Pump

    Hi, I have an EUS Mark Heat Pump Pool Heater. When I turn on my heat pump, I get an LP code on the display. According to the manual, this means Low Pressure and can be a result of low refrigerant. I have noticed that there is an oily liquid around the heat pump. When I look inside there is about an inch of this same liquid inside. Could this be refrigerant? Could there be a leak? I have had my pool opened and closed in the past by a local pool company. Low funds make it impossible to do that this year. I need to be able to repair this problem myself. I am fairly handy, so I am sure I can do it if I can get some help here. Anybody have any ideas of what this might be and what I might do to check to see what it is?

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    Re: Leaking Heat Pump

    Hi Diane,

    Hopefully someone with the knowledge to help you will be along shortly, just understand this is their busy season and they aren't on the forum as much right now... you may have to be patient for a response.
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    Re: Leaking Heat Pump

    Thanks, I understand about this time of year, so I will wait and hopefully someone will respond. This is a great site, so much information and easy to understand.

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    Re: Leaking Heat Pump

    Oily liquid, eh? Well, i hate to say it, but it sounds like oil from the compressor. The compressor in your heat pump is the same as the one on your A/C unit. It just works backwards.

    There is oil suspended in the refrigerent to help lubricate the compressor as it runs. Sometimes if there is a refrigerent leak, the oil can leak as well. Too much oil leaks out, the comprssor will sieze up and, unfortunately, need replacing. This is not a DYI job. You need a set of pressure guages, a tank of refrigerent, knowledge of the operation of the unit, etc. A service call to get a diagnostic of the problem is the only thing to do. It could be as simple as fixing a leak and putting in new oil/refrig, or on the other end of the spectrum, replacing the compressor.

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    Re: Leaking Heat Pump

    I hope I dont sound too stupid with this question, but could this oil leak also cause a leak in the pool. what I mean is I seem to be losing water in the pool, too. there is always water under the heater, but there are no leaks at the pipes that go in and come out of the heater. I know that there is the oily stuff from the compressor, but could there also be a water leak inside the compressor or should I search elsewhere in the plumbing. I have alot of air coming out of the 2 of the 3 returns into the pool.

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    Re: Leaking Heat Pump

    That water under the heat pump is most likely condensate from the unit. Normal for the heat pump. But..if there is fresh water since the heater stopped working, it may be pool water. You need to call a service tech.

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