I have two issues going on that are separate from each other.

First, I had a new Jandy Tri-sensor and the board that goes with it installed about two months ago. Ever since, the salt reading will jump around. On successive readings as it rotates on the Aqualink panel it will go from 3300 to 3500 then to 3400. Somtimes when I start it up it starts out at 3500 and proceeds up all the way to 4200, then I get a check aquapure message. After about 10 minutes the salt level reading goes back to 3500, but will still bounce around 200-300 points.
This is my third trisensor in 4 years. The first two did not do this.

Second issue that just started is that the air temperature reading is not correct. Yesterday it was 92 degrees and at the same time it showed 80. It is 96 outside right now and it shows 88. Is this just the external sensor or is it something with the main board?