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Thread: Royal Entrance Steps - Manufacturing Defect

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    Royal Entrance Steps - Manufacturing Defect

    Here comes my saga of the steps for the pool...

    So we built a deck this year and can no longer use our ladder. I spent my time on this site research appropriate alternatives and consider opinions. Finally decided on the Royal Entrance Steps by Lumi-o.

    I ordered the steps from and got a great deal.

    Problem #1 - Delivery went to our home address when no one was home (not what we requested)

    Problem #2 - The box was opened (wondered - has this been returned or opened by neighbours?)

    So we put the steps together, went and got the 50 lbs of pea gravel the manufacturer recommends for the Key weight that fit in the back (triangular shape) and filled it. We stood there looking at the back of the steps, the filled key and the instructions and were PUZZLED.

    Problem #3 - There were no holes for this weighted key to stay in place behind the steps. DH was LIVID!

    So, we put the steps in anyhow, bolted them to the deck and will consider adding some other form of weight (holes may not allow for the pvc/cement ones I've seen on here though) I called the manufacturer and was told it was a manufacturing defect. I could take it back (hello...have you seen the size of this thing?). Surely I'm not the only one with this problem?

    Anyhow, the steps are in and they are staying in, and are managing to stay down withough any weight right now. There is no way I was going to tell the kids they still couldn't swim in the pool this weekend.

    15' x 24' x 52" Buttressfree Concorde (Atlantic) ABG installed 2007, Hayward Sand Filter, Hayward 1 speed Pump, Royal Entrance Steps, Clear Solar Blanket, New Deck, and maybe soon a heater.

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    Re: Royal Entrance Steps - Manufacturing Defect

    Chris - just cut your own holes, there are two ways you can do this - a sawsall if you have it or a 4" steel pipe piece and a propane torch.

    With the sawsall - take stairs out and flip them onto their face - mark the two spots where you need the holes - one is at the bottom the other at the top center rib where the weight piece sits - just predrill a starter hole and cut the circle you've marked with the sawsall. 10-20 minutes.

    The other way using the pipe and torch method is to heat the end of the pipe nice and hot all the way around, take a big breath, hold your breath and shove it through the plastic to melt your hole through - repeat on other end. - 5-10 minutes.

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