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Thread: APVMA (Australian Govt.) guidlines for pool sanitation

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    APVMA (Australian Govt.) guidlines for pool sanitation

    If you look through this document on APVMA (Australian equivalent to the EPA) guidelines for pool and spa sanitation and look at our own suggested level there are many similarities. ... L03960.pdf

    For example TA as low as 60 ppm is considered ok and their FC recommendations do seem to take some of the effect of CYA into consideration (but don't go as far as needed, IMHO.
    Interestinly, biguanide products like Baquacil are not registered (but they have registered a very few hydrogen peroxide products and the beloved Nature 2 and Flotron are not allowed unless FC levels are at a minimum of 2 ppm! (not in this document but I just spent a few hours going through their website!

    It is also interesting that they do not provide maximum FC levels but do have minimum requirements of 2 ppm in unstablized pools and 3 ppm in stabilized pool when the temperature is over 78.8 degrees F (26 C).

    If only our own EPA was a diligent!

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    Re: APVMA (Australian Govt.) guidlines for pool sanitation

    stay tuned for some goodness out of new zealand over the next 8 months or so

    have just bee nappointed to the standards board for a re-write of our swimming pool water quality standard.... may be the first country to adopt a cya / fc relationship

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    Re: APVMA (Australian Govt.) guidlines for pool sanitation

    They specify on the tri-chlor label that when you hit 100 mg/L of CYA to stop using the product until the CYA level drops and to instead use an unstablised form of chlorine.

    Is this printed on the tri-chlor labels in the US? I don't remember the PS ever telling me that my source of chlorine was causing over-stabilization.

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    Re: APVMA (Australian Govt.) guidlines for pool sanitation

    No, it is not. In commercial pools some state health depts do set a limit on CYA levels (here in FL it's 100 ppm but some are as high as 150. Often the permitted CYA for commercial spas is lower so they DO know that CYA affects chlorine!) However, there are no such restrictions for residential pools, which is why companies like Chemtura (one of the worlds largest manufacturers of trichlor with such brands as Bioguard, Sum, Omni, Guardex, PoolTime, and AquaChem) get away with sayng that CYA levels up to 200 ppm are fine for residential pools!
    IMHO, our EPA is in the pocket of big business and this is why 'Mineral systems", Ionizers, copper sulfate based "sanitizers", etc. also continue to be sold with no major restrictions in the US! The Dollar is just more important than our health I guess!

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