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Thread: Sand Surprise!

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    Sand Surprise!

    Ok, I am a die hard DE filter guy. Have had them since 1977 and on.

    I am helping out a sister homeowner's association in getting their pool in shape and thought they were DE. They are NOT. It is sand. The water is clearer than I would have thought for a sand filter.

    It is the Triton II model TR-100HD, 450 lbs of sand.

    It is only a 14x32 IGP and has this large of a filter, so is it the larger capacity filter that makes it so much better?

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    Re: Sand Surprise!

    I'm not sure but just wanted to say I'm a die hard DE filter girl!

    I love my DE!

    My dad ran a public pool and dad says the sand filter held 25 bags of 50lbs of sand. My dad hoisted my brothers <7 and 9 yrs old at the time> into that filter to take the sand out with buckets and they were in it at the same time! That thing was huge!

    He said it also had gravel in it.
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    Re: Sand Surprise!

    Yes, bigger is always better.
    Size matters.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
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    Re: Sand Surprise!

    The thing is physically huge. Since we always like pics, here is a pic.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Sand Surprise!

    That's huge!

    I only know my sand filter, and the water is crystal clear. I can't see there would be any way it can be clearer than it is now.

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    Re: Sand Surprise!

    Well, I have been doing some googling on Triton filters for a question I posted earlier and ran across this brochure. Their claim is they have a proprietary ClearPro technology that polishes the water. Here is the brochure

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