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Thread: New ag nightmare

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    New ag nightmare

    Last week Ihad my new 27 ft ag pool installed. What a nightmare!! They put the pool up and realized that they had a wrong skimmer for the pool. So I had to wait for a new skimmer. The installer said to fill the pool up to the skimmer. When the skimmer comes in he will put it in. I said ok. I can deal with that. My uncle who delivers water for a living, came over and started filling the pool. Oh by the way the pool installer put a LITTLE bit of water in the pool. It didn't even cover the whole pool bottom. The second truckload of water goes in the pool and the wall starts buckling in. We start checking the pool and half way around the pool the wall is buckling in different spots.

    I later call the installer. I said the wall was buckling. told him i didn't know if that was normal. I also commented about all the wrinkles at the bottom of the pool. He told me wrinkles were normal. He would look and make sure he would take care of them when he put the skimmer in. Said he would be out maybe satuday but most likely monday.

    Saturday morning while no one was home but my 14 yr old, pool guy comes out. puts in the skimmer, says he took out the "majority" of the wrinkles tries to straighten the wall. He also had my 14 yr old sign for the install. He never called to say he was even coming out.

    I went back to where we bought our pool complained about the installer they hired for the job. Since he was out we also discovered the uprights weren't level either, they were leaning to the side. We told the pool place about the uprights also.

    To make a long story short pool guy was out today he fixed the uprights and said the wrinkles were fixed. He said he had a hard time seeing them with a foot of water in the pool.

    He never really touched the wrinkles. I have aproximately about 30 wrinkles in the pool.

    I called where i got the pool and they told me to fill the pool and wrinkles will come out when the pool is filled. I haven't heard of this before.

    HELP what should i do next?

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    Re: New ag nightmare

    Welcome to TFP!

    That definitely sounds like a nightmare. I am not an expert on AG installations, but I am fairly certain that wrinkles will not work themselves out when you fill. When my install was done, the installers filled several inches of water to make sure the bottom was flat before leaving and allowing us to complete the filling process.

    Someone wlse should be along soon with more advice. Good luck getting it all straightened out!!
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    Re: New ag nightmare

    have them re-do it. We had our installed about a month ago...the installers were meticulous..packed sand base, walked around with these self made sandles made with the pool wall cardboard boxes and some ducttape to avoid footprints in the sand....filled to pool while running shop vac...liner looked realy good...month later, I have counted about 10-15 small wrinkles...not bad, but I doubt the water will remove wrinkles from the pool bottom. I wish you the best of luck...pls keep us posted
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    Re: New ag nightmare

    Thanks for the Info. I bought my pool from litehous pools. I let them fill it since there is no legitimate signature on the work order. The wrinkles did not come out. Pool has been filled for 48 hours now. I did notice that where the pool wall was buckled it now has a flat spot in that portion of the wall. The alluminum is very soft at the spot. You can literally push it and it moves. I am not an expert but I know that is not right. I AM NOT HAPPY

    I did call litehouse pools to let them know. I am giving the pool until Monday to see what it does.


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    Re: New ag nightmare

    The only way to get the wrinkles out is to drain the water and then it get's iffy since it's already been filled.

    All wrinkles should be worked out while the pool has about 3" of water or so, not much more. I did my above ground myself and I was very meticulous with having NO WRINKLES! I have a few hairline wrinkles in my pool and they are very hard to see. You can feel them a bit but to look, can't do it!

    As for the wall, is the pool level to within an 1/2"-1"? Does it look level? If not, you can have them come out and start over.

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