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Thread: Question on what to look out for

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    Question on what to look out for

    New pool, new pool owner. Specs are in signature below.

    Before I found TFP, we did shock the pool with the chemicals the pool store gave us. But that was it. A days or so after that, I started with bleach. No crazy colors, PH and Chlorines are in balance.

    I ordered the T100 test kit. It took forever to arrive, something like 62 hours. What's up with that? If I'd known the guy up the street was storing these things, I would have just walked up there. Seriously, I almost bought a wallyword kit figuring the T100 might take too long. But I'm done wasting money on things out of impatience, so I waited and bham! it was here

    We did get what I thought was residual dirt/sand form the install. Now I believe it was pollen. I brushed it without vacuum, while the pump was on, and it did not reappear. The knee-high, skimmer sock, was filled with dirt that looked like dirt found in a househole vacuum. So it's hard to say if it was "pollen green". We'll see.

    Assuming it was pollen, I'm running my pump:

    6 - 7:45 AM When pollen is being release into the atmosphere.
    4:30 - 8 PM After pollen has mixed in the air and is now landing as winds calm. Plus, when I need to add chlorine the pump has to be running (I'll be testing after dinner most nights). Kids can be in when pump is on and they would be out by 7, so I can add chlorine then and still run the pump for an hour until 8:00).

    The above runtime gives me more than a full turnover, plus it reduces the amount of hours the water is stagnate. I have ordered 2 sets of timer on/offs, for my Intermatic timer, and might actually add a third runtime overnight, even if only for an hour.

    This week I will play with the other bottles and test fluids in the kit to determine other levels, but the pool is clear and things seem very good. I know the TA will be high, as will the hardness.

    My questions?

    1 - Having shocked the pool with evil chemicals, is there anything I should be specifically concerned about? I did not perform a "conversion" since I wasn't that "infected" to begin with I'llknow more once I complete a full test.

    2 - what will the hardness of water affect, i.e. pumps, filters, etc.?

    If I seem fairly pool-educated, it is thanks to you all, because other than knowing that water needs to be moving and ariated at times, I knew nothing about pools. Except how much they cost

    Thanks again for a great site.
    18' AG pool, 7,646 gallons, Sun from 11:30AM-2PM.
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    Re: Question on what to look out for

    well, honestly it's kind of a moot point until you post numbers. you can read in pool school about some calcium problems (called calcium scaling if it's high/unmanaged). what were the pool store chemicals?
    16x32 21,000 gallon in-ground exposed aggregate, 1.5hp pump, 120 sqft catridge filter, birdcage, solar panels, aquavac tigershark qc robot.

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