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Thread: Jandy 1400 SWG service codes 125 and 194

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    Jandy 1400 SWG service codes 125 and 194

    My in ground pool is almost 4 years old. I am having some issues with the Jandy 1400 SWG. Starting about 6 weeks ago, I got service codes (SC) 121 (low current in reverse direction to cell) and SC 123 (extremely low current to cell.) I cleaned the Cell in water/muratic acid (it had quite a lot of calcium buildup.) When I put the Cell back on, new SC showed up. Now I have SC 125 (cell needs to be cleaned) and SC 194 (which is not listed in the Operators Manual - or on the Jandy website.) I cleaned the cell again - although there was not much buildup at all. I measured the voltage on the Back PCB. The transformer voltages were in normal limits except where we were supposed to have 120 mVAC when the cell is on, we had 16 mVAC. The output coming off the Back PCB to the Cell is 36.7 VDC. Normal range is 22-30 VDC. Voltage is the same - 36.7 - on the Back PCB Board and at the Cell.
    What could be the problem?
    And, what is SC 194?
    Also, does it matter which way the cable is hooked up to the cell? And the direction of flow of water through the cell?

    I live in Houston, Texas. My pool/hot tub is about 20,000 gallons, DE filter, and has mostly plaster with a pebble beach entry.

    Thanks for your help,

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    Re: Jandy 1400 SWG service codes 125 and 194

    I am a newbie to SWG, but I do know that if you put your cell in backwards it will not work correctly and will set off an error alarm.
    18ft x 48in Round Intex Ultra frame. 6,700 gallons.

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    Re: Jandy 1400 SWG service codes 125 and 194

    I called Jandy, and they said SC 194 is a 'new' code, and suggests the cell has gone bad. I had a Jandy Service Rep check the cell, and yes, it was bad. He put in a new cell, and my pool is up and running beautifully. I asked the Rep about switching the direction of the cell, and he said it didn't make a difference. I don't know for certain, but will keep it in the same direction - I don't want to tempt fate
    Interesting note, the replacement part recommended by Jandy did not include a flow meter (since I already had one wired in.) This was a 'less expensive' option - if you call $500 'less expensive'!

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