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Thread: pool newbie

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    pool newbie

    Well, sort of. Get ready to read cuz I'm about to tell my pool life story. My husband and I just bought a used AG and finally after 20 days of rain in May our friend the pool guy came to help put it up(for free!). It now has most of the water in it and his above ground crew supervisor is supposed to be bringing me a replacement piece for our filter tomorrow, or a gently used filter if he doesnt have that thing, whatever it is. I haven't ordered the super awesome test kit yet but I can't wait because I am such a nerd.

    When I was 12 or 13 we had a pool but it was smaller and I remember testing the water with some crappy thing from wal-mart, and if I remember correctly we never had a swamp unless we were just opening in spring or something, but I don't know how because of all the non-liquid chlorine stuff I know we put in it. Anyways, I have seen the light. My husband mentioned to me something about bleach for sanitizing the pool when we were in the process of buying it. I soon as I heard the notion I started researching because it made perfect sense(to me anyway, obviously not everyone). Turns out later that my aunt, who we bought it from, had actually mentioned something about not using bleach because its bad for the liner... well I know better now.

    So I have been lurking a couple of weeks, impatiently waiting for some decent weather, which is now gone again. But my pool is up, though not in operation. The neighborhood waterboatmen are having a blast though. Also I've never been in our local pool store and I already don't want to go because I have problems with people saying stupid things, even if its just in ignorance, and I will probly flip out on them.

    The pool guy friend has a store also and is of the same mind as most of the other pool store people. 'Bleach will ruin your liner!!' (lucky for me my husband doesn't buy it) The guy has been installing pools for like 16 yrs, and been around it long before that, but I think he honestly just doesn't know any better... and unfortunately people pay him to take care of their pools too. He does have a pool though, which I guess is something. I am just assuming until I ask that neither his store or the local store sell liquid chlorine. Oh well, fun at wal-mart!

    Hmmm, what else can I say... I love this little 7-up dot guy reminds me of a sega game. Oh yea, I love what you guys have done here. Its really awesome and everyones really nice, but the best part is reading that other people found it helpful and were saved from spending hundreds of $$$ at the pool store. I also love the 'swamp to oasis' transformation pics. They need their own section... so awesome. I would post a pic but it would be misleading, I haven't done anything, its fresh water! YAY FOR TFP!!!

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    Re: pool newbie

    Welcome to TFP
    If you haven't done so yet I suggest you read and re-read Pool School, and order one of the test kits discussed there ASAP. Better get prepared before the pool is up and running. Order your CYA (aka stabilizer) according to the amount calculated by the Pool Calculator (you want 30-40 ppm.) You'd find that online retailers such as sell it for a lot less than pool stores.
    Liquid Chlorine is 12% active chlorine and Walmart's bleach is half that strength. You'll simply end up carrying twice the weight if you can't get the former.
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