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Thread: Newbie here, test results

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    Newbie here, test results

    Tried to post, lost it somehow will repeat.

    Bought this house January 2009, never had a pool before, husband divorced me, but have a great house now with this pool in this buyers market. Ha Ha!

    Bought TF 100 kit. My results on 6/11/09

    FC 5.5
    CC 0
    TC 5.5
    TA 160
    CH 320
    CYA 60
    Ph 7.5 (not real confidant on this test)

    Pool store results on 6/9/09
    FC 5
    CC 0
    TC 5
    TA (w/stabilizer correction) 125
    Hardness 290
    CYA 50
    Ph 7.8

    For the past two days I added approximately 4 cups bleach per day.

    Question #1 On the TF100 Chlorine test I tested for the first time without the filter running and got 1.5 CC. I added 3 drops to make the water clear. Do you count the third drop when the water cleared or only count two. I feel the second test results above are more accurate since the filter was running, CC was 0.

    Question#2 I replaced my pressure guage on my filter because the first was not reading anything. After backwashing and rinsing the pressure remained at 22 psi. Is this normal?

    Question #3 My TA reading is 160 with the TF100. The pool store read it at 125 with stabilizer correction. Should I leave this alone or adjust according to the pool calculator (to reduce TA reduce ph to 7.2 with acid then aerate to raise ph or baking soda). I hate to mess with my water anymore, the water is clear, but I do not want to ruin my new heater, (home warranty paid for half of this, thank you home warranty!) What is this "stabilizer correction" from the pool store? If I adjust it what should I adjust it to?
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    Re: Newbie here, test results

    1: the general rule around here is let the pump run approx 1 hour before testing.
    3: aeration is an option, mainly if you have a constantly rising ph and want it to rise more slowly. this forum advises to ignore the correction and goes with the regular test result.
    you're about at the minimum fc level for your cya though, so get that up a bit.
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    Re: Newbie here, test results

    There has been a recent spate of TA tests being affected by static electricity. Try that test again and wipe the dropper tip with a damp cloth every few drops.....that may lower your TA results.

    Regardless, I would leave your TA right where it is unless you are having an issue with your pH. Many people spend the entire swimming season with TA higher than yours and have no issues.

    Normal FC levels for 50ppm CYA is're in the ballpark.
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    Re: Newbie here, test results

    Every pump/filter is different. 22 PSI is well within the normal range for pools in general, but we can't say what is normal for your pool. What you really want to know is the filter pressure right after the filter is backwashed/cleaned. That is you r starting pressure. When it goes up 6 PSI above that it is time to backwash/clean the filter again.

    We never use the "stabilizer correction" here, we always use the results directly from the test kit reading. The "straight from the test" pool store result for TA would be about 140.
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    Re: Newbie here, test results

    Quote Originally Posted by eripaulie
    Question #1 On the TF100 Chlorine test I tested for the first time without the filter running and got 1.5 CC. I added 3 drops to make the water clear. Do you count the third drop when the water cleared or only count two.
    You count each drop until the pink is all gone, including the drop that cleared the last bit of pink.

    In all of the drop-counting tests, you count each drop that caused a change. In the TA and CH tests you have to go past the end to be sure the color is done changing. In the FAS-DPD test you can tell when you're done right away because the pink is all gone.
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    Re: Newbie here, test results

    Since your CYA test w/the TF100 was 60, I agree w/reebok that you should up the FC level. Trust your tests over the pool store

    Based on CYA of 60, your range is Minimun 5 and Target 7. See the Chlorine/CYA Chart in my sig and in Pool School.

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