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Thread: How much muriatic acid can be added daily?

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    How much muriatic acid can be added daily?

    Pool store said never more than an ounce at a time. Sounds kinda preposterous.

    The pH on our new spa plaster is at 8 and it seems to eat the acid right up. PoolCalc states 4 oz needs to be this a safe amout to add at one time?

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    Re: How much muriatic acid can be added daily?

    it's fine...they are proably just watch out for you to not overdose as some folks may not be careful to re-measure their PH 30 mins after the add or jump right in after they added ma.

    Be very careful when handling the stuff though
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    Re: How much muriatic acid can be added daily?

    wow that is crazy. when I was having rising ph due to new plaster, the store would recommend no more than a quart at a time.
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    Re: How much muriatic acid can be added daily?

    You can add whatever it takes to bring your pH in line. If your pH is X and you need to lower it to Y, then you add the amount in full that is required to get the pH to Y. It's the end result that matters. Just make sure that you pour it slowly in front of return and keep your pump running to keep that water stirring to distribute it.

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    Re: How much muriatic acid can be added daily?

    As someone who has worked in pool stores I will tell you that pool stores make recommendations like that because they assume (and rightly so most of the time) that their customers don't test their own water and are lazy idiots that should not really own a pool/spa because they really don't want to learn to take care of it properly but just want 'magic in a bottle' that they can pour in once in a while to solve any problems!

    They are just not used to the informed pool/'spa owners we have here at TFP!

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