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Thread: Salt Water Magic Monthly Kit

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    Salt Water Magic Monthly Kit

    The PB came out today and started up the pool equipment for the first time.

    He also left a three ring note book for me with information. We do have a 2 to 3 hour indoctrination scheduled for this Thursday, but I went ahead and flipped through the note book.

    In it he recommends buying a product called "Salt Water Magic Monthly Kit" . Has anyone used this product?

    Here is a link I found ... ts/show/23

    Thanks for any input!!
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    Re: Salt Water Magic Monthly Kit

    bah. see waterbear's post about halfway down:
    most of that stuff isn't needed if you follow the BBB plan. to go line by line per that website...
    salt: just need the cheap solar salt
    metal deactivator: does your water even have metals?
    phosphate remover: not needed if you follow correct chlorine/cya which should be easy for you with a new pool and swg.
    conditioner: CYA. definitely needed. can get from walmart. he should put some in himself as part of the startup (or at least, my guy did).
    stabilizer: borates. see the borate sticky in the chemistry 201 forum.
    enzymes: not needed if you follow correct chlorine/cya which should be easy for you with a new pool and swg.
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    Re: Salt Water Magic Monthly Kit

    Salt water magic is an expensive mix of salt, borax (and boric acid for pH neutrality), EDTA (a sequesterant you may or may not need--it's not the most effective sequesterant anyway) and CYA. Add them separately and you will be in better control of the levels and you will also save a LOT of money.

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