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Thread: Need help with olivey green water!!!!

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    Need help with olivey green water!!!!

    Here is my situation...

    I'm not for sure of my pool size, but I have an inground pool with a 3ft shallow end and a 8.5ft deep end. I opened it two weeks ago Sunday... it was a dark, forest green, but is now more of a light olive green, but I can not see the bottom. I went to my local pool store and got a 100 bucks worth of chemicals and it did seem to lighten a bit. Since then I've skimmed the bottom, even though I can't see it, and I've been brushing it. I've shocked it three more times/added algaecide and have gotten to the light olive green I mentioned above. I even resorted to "floc"ing the pool last evening and that didn't even work. I'm almost thinking that the algae is more throughout the water and not on the bottom.

    So, my question is this... I just vacuumed my pool on waist and then back washed for a good deal. It's now filling back up and I have the chlorinate set on high to send chlorine in. I bought three gallons of liquid chlorine and plan on putting that in tonight. After reading over your algae pool to oasis, should I begin the liquid bleach process to fully get my pool on a quicker road to recovery.

    I'm pretty new to this owning a pool thing. Actually, this is my first summer. I guess that is what happens when you inherit a house with an inground pool.

    Can you help,
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    Re: Need help with olivey green water!!!!

    The more you can say about your pool, the better help you can get.

    First, size: is it a rectangular pool? Measure the long and short sides, we can estimate volume and gallons from there. If it's more irregular that's trickier, but we can make some initial guesses and you can refine them later.

    Second, you really need to be able to test your own water so you know what to do to it. You can dump in the chlorine but you're flying blind unless you can test it to see where you're at, and be able to maintain the chlorine high enough to clear out the pool. The test kits that can really handle it are the Taylor K-2006, also sold by Leslie's as the FAS-DPD Service Kit (but they usually don't carry it in the stores), and then the TF100 from that lots of us here use.

    You're doing the actual work but we can provide advice as long as you give us enough information to go on! Many many success stories on the forum.
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    Re: Need help with olivey green water!!!!

    Hi Molly,

    We need a full set of test numbers. If you have to, take a water sample to the pool store and have it tested.

    We recommend that you don't buy anything, just come back here and post your test results.

    But, like Paul said, you really do need a good test kit. My preference is the TF100. Link in my sig.

    Go to Pool School and start reading at the first article. That lists what we need when you post and also has info to set up your sig.

    Lots of folks around here to help, but we need more info

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