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Thread: Lightning vs Pool equipment, it's fried and my brain is too

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    Lightning vs Pool equipment, it's fried and my brain is too

    Hi All, First post here and I'm hoping I'm in the right spot. A few weeks back we had some really bad lightning and I came home to find two TVs and my computer all died. Turns out it also took out my pool equipment although I didn't find out until later.

    Here is what I have and forgive me because I'm just a home owner and not in the pool profession. I have a Jandy system. I originally had that blue figure 8 looking wireless controller but a few years back I added the iAqualink so I could control it from my phone. It is not the new wifi unit, it is hardwired to my router. When I open my box I see a screen that has chlorine production rate on it with an up and down arrow and a few areas for lights, next to that is a long section of buttons and lights that control the filter pump and air blowers and lights and such. Behind that I found the Zodiac R0467600 Printed Circuit Board had a spot above the green and black power wires that looked like it fried. I bought a replacement board on amazon and put it in. I turned the breaker back on and all the lights on the front screen turned on. They stayed on for some time and eventually turned off. None of the buttons seems to work though and the little LCD screen on the chlorine section did not fire up. I held in the reset button (which I noticed I have had to do a few times over the summer when visiting kids would mash the spa controller and rapidly turn the air blower on and off). This didn't seem to do anything.

    So now I am wondering if I need to change other boards. The problem is that I am not sure what other boards I have or that need to be changed. The chlorine screen board says Aqua Pure and it is PCB E0262000A. There is a long board that says ARM7 power center and I was unable to locate a PCB # for it. Straped to that board is a board that says PCB E0260700 and the sticker says RS 8 P & S AL8HEX Rev. R.

    Any help would be great. I've contacted the company local to me that Jandy says is one of their techs but they have ignored my calls. (remember when people wanted to take your money to fix stuff).

    Thank you

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    Re: Lightning vs Pool equipment, it's fried and my brain is too

    Call Jandy and tell them you are being ingnored by their distributor. They will probably give you another to call.

    This is beyond me but I'm bumping it up
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    Re: Lightning vs Pool equipment, it's fried and my brain is too

    Sorry for your losses. I hope someone can help with your direct questions. About 2 year ago lightening took out 1 tv, cable modem, 2 routers, ethernet switch, home theater receiver, 2 blurays, and dvr. Since I have installed some good UPSes directly in front of those devices.

    To protect my pool equipment, I have installed surge protection that covers the entire sub-panel for the pool equipment. There are many models out there, but I installed the Square D HEPD80 (see below). While it will not solve your pain now, hopefully will protect the equipment for the future.
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    Re: Lightning vs Pool equipment, it's fried and my brain is too

    Have you tried removing the aquapure from the RS? This would be the 4 wire buss that you connected to the RS board so you can control it from the RS. Did you purchase the new board directly from Jandy? If not, how do we know its a good board? If you still have the old board, there is a guy that fixes them. I believe he is the guy that designed them originally, and has since left Jandy.

    Very reasonable rates, IMO.
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    Re: Lightning vs Pool equipment, it's fried and my brain is too

    In my experience with Jandy boards I've found that when they take a strike it affects multiple components. First thing to check is the fuse, the one in the picture is blocked but appears to have blown. Now before replacing it if it's blown unplug everything from the main board (relays, red connectors, green connectors black etc...) Once you power it up plug stuff in one by one. If all the lights go out again whatever you just plugged in is the problem. You can use a multi-meter to check each side of the fuse (behind the orange connector w yellow/green wires). Sounds like something is grounded out and affecting the board.

    All this is assuming that all the lights went out (not all but 1). If any lights are on we can go from here.

    I agree with the surge protector, Intermatic actually makes one specific to the Jandy RS system that not only protects the high voltage but also the low voltage components. But keep in mind that when it comes to lightening nothing is 100% effective but at least your odds are 50/50 now instead of 0.

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