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Thread: Pump Is Dead -- Advice

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    Pump Is Dead -- Advice

    My 13 year old Hayward pump quit overnight. It was making a different noise yesterday morning and it was just stopped dead on was still hot when I went out to check it this morning. Model says it is a C48K2N143B1.

    I presume 13 years is pretty good for one of these things, but I've never purchased a pump before. Best I can tell, this is a 1 HP pump for my 16 x 32 inground pool. Some advice please?:

    1) I found what LOOKS to be the same pump on Amazon. Has pump technology changed and/or is there some reason that a more powerful pump would be better? Clearly I have no issue with a pump that's run 7 months a year for 13 years, so have no issue with going back with the same. I'm just at a point that I could 'do better' if there was a reason to do so.

    2) Is this a repair that I should attempt myself? I have never taken any of the PVC pipes loose since I've had the pool. Can I presume that if I go back with the same unit, it will fit back in the same change...meaning, has the design changed in 13 years? Is there a 'trick' to breaking those PVC bonds loose without damaging the pipes?

    3) Anything else I need to know/consider?

    Thank you. The forum has been a great resource for past problems. Much appreciated!

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    Re: Pump Is Dead -- Advice


    My guess is that your pump was installed without unions, so it will not be as easy as unscrewing the old one and screwing in the new one. I suspect the pump itself is ok, it is the motor that is faulty.

    Based upon your questions, I suggest that you contact a local pool shop and have them come out and give you an estimate for both a new pump, as well as an estimate on just installing a new motor. Once you have that pricing you can decide if doing it yourself is worth it.

    I do most things myself, but I know for a fact, it takes me five times as long as it would take a professional to do the same job, and that does not include the 3 trips to Home Depot..

    If you had to replace a pump every year or so, then it would be worth the investment in time and tools to do it yourself. Once every 13 years might not be worth it.


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    Re: Pump Is Dead -- Advice

    The model number you gave is the motor number. On the side of the pump near the lid is a black and silver sticker that should have the pumps complete model and serial number. If that sticker is not there you will find a number starting with SP on the motor that will help. If the basket lid is square, you have a Super pump. Also, the problem is just the motor, which can be replaced. Make sure to replace the seal when doing a motor replacement.
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    Re: Pump Is Dead -- Advice

    Some photos of the pump and the lines would be helpful too.
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    Re: Pump Is Dead -- Advice

    As for technology, a 2-speed or variable speed pump could be considered. These can provide energy savings - the total by how much you run pump and electric costs. Unless you have high electric costs, or run the pump a lot (24/7), the 2-speed is a good option.
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    Re: Pump Is Dead -- Advice

    X2 with the 2 speed. I'd bet Hayward has an equivalent; my pentair intelliflow (there is a 1Hp similar 2speed), is super efficient and super quiet. A similar issue with a similar thread was just updated, you seem like you may benefit from the same info.
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    Re: Pump Is Dead -- Advice


    Coincidentally I just posted a suggestion for pump maintenance that may be related to your question. Here are my comments:

    • At your pump life you'll probably have the frozen parts issue I described in my recent post and you're due for a new motor anyway.
    • One DIY option is to remove the pump, verify the pump end is OK (probably only needs a new $20 seal). If you're handy and have the knowledge to remove/redo the 230 v electrical connections just buy a new motor and replace it.
    • If DIY is not for you then definitely get quotes from several pool repair services and ask them to put anti-seize on the motor bolts as a part of their service. Tell each company you want to know warranty, qualifications/experience, references, and price. Then consider these all in making your selection. Remember lowest price is often the costliest option.
    • Many jurisdictions now require at least a 2-speed pump. You may be grandfathered though. You should check in your area.
    • You can also go the more expensive variable speed route. There are a LOT of suggestions and opinions on this site about 2-speed Vs variable speed but both should be considered. I like the 2-speed option for most cases.
    • If you go multi-speed (either kind) and have a roof-mounted solar heater make sure the slower speed will have sufficient discharge pressure to pump up and through. Often they do not. It's pretty easy to find out and if you need help with this there are lots of experts on this site that will give you more detail.
    • If you go the repair yourself route google "pool pump repair" before you start. There are a lot of great videos to let you know what you're in for.

    I hope this helps.

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