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Thread: DIY Electrical - J-BOX Question

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    DIY Electrical - J-BOX Question

    I am considering a DIY EasyTouch 8, LED lights and IC40 Salt Cell installation and have a few questions (likely a lot more to come)...

    Two Part Question:

    1. I want to separate the 3 pool lights from my spa light. In California, can the 3 pool lights run to a single junction box?

    2. Can the Electrical conduit from my main panel to the ET8 be in the same trench as the plumbing?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: DIY Electrical - J-BOX Question


    We have a couple of pretty good electrical experts that should be along soon.. I know nothing about CA requirements..

    I did a DIY install of two EasyTouch 4's along with the salt cells and found it to be .. well, easy.. I also rewired the panel at my house after the installer left it in a mess, also easy.

    Programming is a different ballpark all together. Do yourself a favor and get ScreenLogic2 and it will make programming as simple as clicking a couple of icons. About $400 bucks at SunPlay.

    Please wait for the Experts to chime in, but while we are waiting I'll say what I think and we'll see if I'm close to being right..

    1. I can't see any reason that three lights can't be connected in a single junction box.
    2. I'd say you can't run plumbing and electrical work in the same trench.

    BTW.. welcome to TFP, a great place to be.


    Jim R.
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    Re: DIY Electrical - J-BOX Question

    Thanks! I've been seeing TFP posts come up from all of my Google searches for months and thought that it was about time to join! Great members, posting valuable information!

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    Re: DIY Electrical - J-BOX Question

    check you local codes or contact intermatic

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    Re: DIY Electrical - J-BOX Question

    Responses to your questions:

    1. Yes The NEC actually does not limit how many lights can be run off of a individual junction box, it sets requirements for j boxes. Look at NEC 680.24 it sets forth the jbox requirements. Additionally, the Jbox like all equipment involved in a pool must be listed. So the J box must be listed for three lights. The Box Kadavis shows above appears to be listed for 3 lights.

    2. Yes you can run plumbing and electrical in the same trench. You must be at least 18" below finish grade.

    A couple of comments. First pools are not normal when it comes to electrical, equipotential bonding is strange, and other concepts are different. So its important that even if you are an experienced electrician and have yeas of experience that you read NEC 680 and understand what they are talking about.

    You should also read and understand this:

    That is designed to train electricians but it sets forth many of the concepts you need to understand.

    Additionally you should look at some local pools and see what is expected in your location. Talk to inspectors. Many counties in California will not accept a single #8 wire around the pool, they require some sort of metal grid under deck surfaces. There may be other local practices and customs, like using a sub panel as a disconnect. California inspectors are trained and have certain expectations at each stage of the inspection process so you need to be prepared for what they expect. So its always a good idea to go down and have an over the counter talk with an inspector when your plans are approved.

    Finally, California is currently using the 2011 version of the NEC (Google Calif electrical code for an online version). California will switch to the 2014 version in January. There are some minor changes.

    Good luck
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    Re: DIY Electrical - J-BOX Question : Intermatic PJB4175 4-Light Pool/Spa Junction Box : Electrical Boxes : Patio, Lawn Garden

    This is a listed J-Box that can handle 4 lights. Keep in mind that each light will use its own relay and require a conductor to be run to the J-Box for each light to operate independently (if that's what you are after).

    There is no reason why plumbing and electrical can't be in the same trench

    - - - Updated - - -

    Gwegan is correct. All jurisdictions are currently using the 2013 edition of the California Electrical Code which is based off the 2011 NEC.
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