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Thread: Acid wash completed, pool stabilizer recommended

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    Acid wash completed, pool stabilizer recommended

    We just drained our pool this past Sunday, and had a pool company complete an acid wash and chlorine treatment. We started filling it yesterday and it is now back to 20,000 gallon capacity.

    The pool repair company recommended we add granular stabilizer by broadcasting it into the pool, followed by 2 gallons of chlorine and later adding black algaecide.

    Now I have read the application for the stabilizer is thru a sock, while others add to skimmer, yet he advised us to just toss it into the pool. If I toss in pool is it not just going to sit at bottom of pool undissolved?

    Confused and when do I add chlorine, should I wait a few days for stabilizer to kick in?

    What about the algaecide?

    All help greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Acid wash completed, pool stabilizer recommended

    Use a sock of granular CYA in a sock or nylon in front of a deep end return. Granular CYA dissolves very, very slowly and will sit on the bottom of the pool. It can sometimes stain plaster. Putting it in the skimmer will just send it into your filter where it will sit and slowly dissolve; backwashing can eliminate it if you backwash too soon. Also, CYA is fairly acidic so you don't want an acidic chemical sitting inside your filter. The sock method works best.

    Chlorine can be added right away. Liquid chlorine, aka bleach, is best.

    Algaecide - depends on what's in it. Absolutely NOT if it is copper based algaecide. Polyquat-60 is ok to add but a properly cleaned and chlorinated pool almost never needs regular doses of algaecide.

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    Re: Acid wash completed, pool stabilizer recommended

    Here is a link to the testkits TFP recommends: Pool School - Test Kits Compared

    I personally love my K-2006C.

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    Re: Acid wash completed, pool stabilizer recommended

    Definitely don't just throw the CYA into the pool, especially if your new fill water is cold, as water from the tap would be here. I've noticed that CYA disappears quite a bit more quickly (from the sock I put it into) when the water is warm - e.g. mid-season CYA add; versus when the water is cold - e.g. adding the initial dose of CYA to new water in late spring.
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