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Thread: Did the Pool Company Install My VSP Incorrectly?

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    Did the Pool Company Install My VSP Incorrectly?

    I did a cursory search and didn't find this exact situation answered. If the answer is already out there, please let me know and I'll do more searching.

    I recently replaced my single speed pump with a Hayward SP2602VSP. It has a built-in timer, but the installer kept the wiring the same and now I have the VSP connected to my external manual timer and must have my salt water controller powered on 24/7.

    He said I can remove the timer screws that control on/off, but this seems clunky/unnecessary.

    I guess my concern is am I wasting a lot of electricity and/or wear and tear by keeping my controller and manual timer on 24/7?

    Thanks for your assistance.
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    Re: Did the Pool Company Install My VSP Incorrectly?

    Most installers put VS pumps on just the breaker, no timer in between. The thinking on not having them connected to a timer is 1.) as you pointed out they have timers of their own and 2.) some believe the computer controls built into the pumps are safer being powered 100% of the time. What I would do is move the pump power connections from the lode side of the timer to the line side (aka same lugs the powe comes in on). This will make the timer nothing but a pass through where power to the pump is concerned and leave the timer in place to control the SWG as it has been.

    Edit: I should also add you should only do this if there is a switch or breaker near the pump. To satisfy code there needs to be a disconnect of some type near the pump.
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    Re: Did the Pool Company Install My VSP Incorrectly?

    That is exactly what I did with mine.
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    Re: Did the Pool Company Install My VSP Incorrectly?

    Taken from here (Post #8)

    I get this complaint all the time. "Why did you wire my new VS pump with its own timer to my existing mechanical timer?"

    This would pertain to you only IF you have a booster pump for your cleaner, and it too runs on it's own mechanical timer,

    You would want to continue to use both mechanical timers, and set the VS to run manually. Here's why.

    As you know, your cleaner booster pump cannot self prime. Therefore you would need the filter pump to run during the time that the cleaner pump is running, Yes? Ok, say your filter and cleaner are both running, and cleaner is set to go off in one hour, and the filter soon after.

    You just lost power, nuts!

    It will be off for two hours. When the power returns, your new VS pump with its on board timer recovered as expected, and since it is now about an hour past its turn off time, it will remain off, its work is done for the day. Now on the other hand, your booster pump time clock got it's power back, and (since it is mechanical),will turn back on, and remain on for another hour before it shuts off. Running for an hour, if it runs dry, will probably burn the seal enough to make it leak, and maybe even the impeller. Now some booster pumps may be able to function without the filter running as long as the plumbing is flooded. But the booster will probably draw water directly from the pool via the returns instead of from the filter, because there is less resistance to draw backwards from the pool. And since this water is unfiltered, it could potentially clog up either the impeller or the finger screen at the wall fitting. And if this scenario goes unchecked, will happen every day until the timers get synced back up.

    Your only really losing the timer feature on the pump using the mechanical timer, unless you have a variable FLOW pump where gpm/turnover is calculated for every 24 hour cycle, and iv'e only seen this really necessary in commercial applications where the system does not have a automatic cleaner.

    If you have a VF (variable FLOW) pump and still wish to use the on-board timer and use the turnover function, give the pump 24 hours to accomplish its turnover, and it will run for 24 hours.
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    Re: Did the Pool Company Install My VSP Incorrectly?

    The older SP 2602 is turned on by the timer and then speed 3 will run a given amount of time then switch to speed 1. Speed 2 is manual for backwashing or quick cleanup. You set the timer to go for the amount of time you need for circulation and chlorination. Speed 1 will run until timer trips off. Remember speed 3 is the higher speed and first to come on. So you need to coordinate your cleaner timer to run with speed 3. Also depending on speed 1 rpm you might not get the SWG to work.

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