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Thread: Planning for new pool - looking for some feedback

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    Planning for new pool - looking for some feedback

    Hi everyone, some quick background on myself - my wife and I live in Toronto, Canada, have never owned a pool and are looking into getting an inground fiberglass pool. Everything I currently think I know is from a few months of internet research, a few meetings/quotes from pool builders, and lots of time browsing on this site. I must say that it seems the more we learn and get different opinions the more frustrating things get (example, some builders recommend salt and others say avoid it like the plague). At this point I was hoping for some feedback mainly on the equipment (but feel free to make any comments in general of course). The equipment list is basically put together from different setups recommended by pool builders we spoke with:

    The pool we like is the Leisure Pools Elegance 30' model (we also like the Allure 30' model with integrated spa but given we are limited to a 30' model we think the Allure doesn't leave enough swim space)
    Using a pool volume calculator I believe the pool holds about 14,250 gallons

    The Elegance Swimming Pool | Leisure Pools

    - Hayward TriStar Variable Speed pump
    - Hayward SwimClear 325 s.f. cartridge filter
    - Either Hayward 250,000 btu heater or a Raypak (I read Raypak heaters are the best but also that it's good to stick with equipment from one brand)
    - Hayward AquaRite Low Salt system (I just learned about this SWG option but I notice that this product only shows up on the Hayward Canadian website; I'm really curious about feedback on this SWG option as the idea of a lower salt level seems good, I think!) AquaRite Low Salt | Hayward Canada

    One option for the Elegance model is to install up to 4 'spa jets' in what they call the 'spa nook' area. I did love the idea of getting a spa and i'm wondering if this "next best" option would be worth the extra cost of what I assume is a few thousand dollars at least, or would it be just a waste of money? Any thoughts?

    Last question, given the relatively simple pool (no spa, no water feature), do you think it's worth spending the money on the Hayward automation system? I was told it could cost an extra 3 to 4 thousand. Is it easy to add this system on later if I wanted to?

    Oh and if anyone has feedback on an pool builder in the Toronto area that installs Leisure Pools please let me know!

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!
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    Re: Planning for new pool - looking for some feedback

    These are just a few random comments, but first let me welcome you to the TFP forum. I don't have a fiberglass pool, and don't live in your climate, so there is a limited amount I can comment on. Having said that in reading numerous fiberglass pool build threads on here over the years I can tell you when it comes to fiberglass pools the key is proper ground prep and extreme care during installation. So while fiberglass pools can be one of he quickest time to swim pool building options when everything goes right, they can also be a nightmare when not done correctly. More than once we have seen build threads on here where the installation crew was rushed due to sunset, rains, or just scheduling and did not take the time to perfectly set the pool and the results were a cracked fiberglass shell once water was added in some cases extending the build process out to several months, and in one memorable case nearly a year.

    As to the anti SWG attitude we have seen this reported in some locations, specifically in the Dallas Texas area over the last year or so, and also in Ontario. Around here the general feeling is SWG's are a good thing for most pools, and while there can be issues around some soft stones, it is not an issue if the stone is properly sealed every couple of years, which should be done anyway to prevent long term damage by rainwater, etc.

    With no spa on a simple, if you get a VS pump with external relay control for the heater override I see no real benefit to an automation system unless you like the idea of being able to adjust the pool temperature from half way around the planet. Having said that Tristar VS pump seems like overkill, and you should look at something like the MaxFlo VS, note both of these pumps come in multiple models, stand alone or designed to interface with automation systems ( also with or without relays for heater override control).

    As to the whole spa issue, my pool does not have a built in spa (37 year old pool), so I added a small stand alone hot tub a few years ago, and could not be happier with my decision. Sure this means a separate body of water to manage, but with an SWG on the hot tub it is nearly trivial compared to the pool. Stand alone hot tubs are far more ergonomically advanced than pool spas, have much better jet action, and are available in a wide range of features to fit your needs (social spa, soothing relaxation, hydrotherapy for pain relief, etc.). Comparing a stand alone hot to with a built in pool spa is sort of like comparing a modern sports car to a 1960's pick up truck, they may both get you there, and sure the pick up truck hauls a lot, but when it comes to performance, comfort and style the sports car is likely going to win.
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    Re: Planning for new pool - looking for some feedback

    Hi Isaac, thanks for the FG warning. I did read a lot about a proper install, which I guess goes for any type of pool. unfortunately as FG pools are somewhat new there are only so many pool installers to choose from, whereas for vinyl there are tons of companies out there. And once you narrow down the brand of FG pool, the list of installers shrinks even more.

    Re: SWG, I have come to the conclusion that they are fine and I don't plan on installing natural stone around the pool, so i'm over any initial concerns. Only last thing is whether I need a sacrificial anode, but even that seems to not be 100% necessary.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    Re: Planning for new pool - looking for some feedback

    I personally have no use for automation as the pool is on a timer already. Im not sure what animation would provide me (other than a really cool tech toy?) that I can't easily do manually. I can easily lift the thermometer up and check temps in the water, the timer turns on the SWG and filter... I don't have fancy doo-dads that can't be easily controlled manually. I'm too cheap to spend 3-4K more for it.
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