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Thread: Variable speed pool pump vs Single speed pump

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    Variable speed pool pump vs Single speed pump

    I am looking for opinions on pump replacement. I had a Hayward super pump (1hp 230V) recently die on me. Motor would hum when turning it on until the thermal breaker on the motor would blow. I took the pump portion off the motor and could only get it to work if I spun the impeller several times by hand. The motor housing shows signs of overheating, several hot spots on the case. My question is do you think it is worth getting this motor rebuilt? Buy a brand new single speed pump? Buy a brand new 2 speed pump? Buy a brand new Vs pump?
    Is it really worth paying the extra money (at Least more than double) up front for the Vs pump when I don't run my pump 24/7 for 12 months? I live in southern Ontario and we get real winter weather!!!!! I usually open my pool at the end of May and close at the end of September depending on the weather!!!!
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing some great advise!!!!

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    Re: Variable speed pool pump vs Single speed pump

    That could just be a problem with the start capacitor which are easy to replace.

    But you might want to just replace the motor with a two speed motor anyway. Much more cost effective and no plumbing changes.
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    Re: Variable speed pool pump vs Single speed pump

    If you end up needing to replace the motor, I would recommend going with a 2 speed motor. The additional cost above a single speed will pay for itself with energy savings. How long to get your money back will depend on usage, but does pay for itself, and once it does you get to enjoy the reduced power consumption and its impact on your wallet.
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    Re: Variable speed pool pump vs Single speed pump

    Unless your electric is very expensive, the way you describe how you will run, a variable speed would probably take many years, if ever, to pay back over a 2-speed. So a 2-speed is the way to go for you - this from a variable speed owner.
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    Re: Variable speed pool pump vs Single speed pump

    I live in S Ont too; did the math using the new hydro rates and a 5mth-6mth pool season. Needed to replace our single sp 1HP Hayward this spring, the pump motor & seal was 9 seasons old, (motor shell was running hot past 2 yrs; would likely fail when i went on vacation ...murphy's law)

    I purchased a 2sp 1.5hp Energy star pump. Run it on High sp 6-8am and 6pm -9pm during the off peak billing period. runs on low sp during the day. Total run time in the summer is 5am to 11pm during the daylight hrs. The water remained crystal clear (TFP managed too) and skimmed surface very well. Used Hi sp for vac, backwash etc. Payback on the VS would be many years, i also worried the digital controller &/or the motor would likely fail due to age and freezing climate impact, before payback. YMMV My pool equip is outdoor nothing moved inside over winter... (should build a small enclosure some day)
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    Re: Variable speed pool pump vs Single speed pump

    I second (or third) the advice of going to a two speed motor. Keep the pump find a two speed motor with the same frame size and install it on the pump. As a bonus you might find the that two speed motor runs quitter and uses less power even on high speed. However like Mark said it might just be the capacitor(s). Very low cost to replace.
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