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Thread: Leslie's Ultra Bright Water Clarifier

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    Leslie's Ultra Bright Water Clarifier

    I've been using Leslie's Ultra Bright Water Clarifier forever and always found it to be an excellent product. I forgot the actual chemical term, but the product caused suspended microscopic particles in the pool to clump together into larger particles that would then sink to the bottom so they could be vacuumed out of the pool. It was a very thick, viscous product that had to be stirred in a bucket to disperse it before it was broadcast into the pool. In fact, those were the specific instructions on the bottles. Now the formulation has changed. The instructions now say that the product can be directly introduced into the pool. I've been reading reviews that people now report having to use twice as much product to achieve the same result. So what happened? You know what happened. Leslie's diluted the product down. I can't see using it any more and am a bit disappointed. Do any of you use a different brand of water clarifier, one that has the same viscous properties as the old Leslie's product, and if so, are you happy with it? I would appreciate the referral. Thanks, Dave

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    Re: Leslie's Ultra Bright Water Clarifier

    I think that you'll find that folks on this forum will not recommend any clarifier, regardless of its viscocity
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    Re: Leslie's Ultra Bright Water Clarifier

    TFP never recommends the regular use of clarifiers or flocculants. The product you describe is a flocculant. A properly managed and clean pool with a functioning filter almost never needs those products on regular basis. One reason why we do not recommend them is that people often have a hard time following directions OR think that, if a little is good, then a lot must be better OR they don't first adjust their pool chemistry to optimize the product use. Then their water goes cloudy from adding the product and they complain.

    Do yourself and your wallet a favor and check out the TFPC Method of pool care. Once you follow the methods we outline here, you will never need any of those products again and, you will never need to step foot in a pool store ever again...I haven't been in a pool store for almost two years...
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