Lost communication between the remote control and Aqualink control box. Tried the procedure to change the frequency channel using Channel Setup on the PDA and the transceiver "learn" mode switch. Did not get PDA message to take transceiver out of learn mode. The Transceiver unit "appeared" to be responding if I turned learn mode off (red and green LEDs blinking). But PDA still doesn't communicate with it, even when it is located in close proximity to the Transceiver. I was on a step ladder with PDA in hand while going through the Channel Setup procedure and cycling the learn switch on the transceiver.

The Aqualink is controlling pumps and lights per last programming entries but I can't change the program without getting the comm link back.

Any additional troubleshooting steps I can take before calling for professional help? This equipment is very expensive to replace and service ain't cheap. Equipment is out of warranty (of course).