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Thread: New Build - Vinyl In-Ground Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

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    New Build - Vinyl In-Ground Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

    Well guess it's time to start the build thread. We have our preliminary design sitting with Pool Builder, just waiting for the final drawing to approve before it gets sent off to Latham to build. So far very happy in the early dealings with the PB, covered almost all the items we had noted down to ensure and receptive to upgrades/changes. I'll post some pics of the property soon as besides regular advice and tips I'm also hoping to get some help from Brian (or others) on how to do the deck (and to visualize it). We have a raised bungalow with a high rear kitchen sliding glass door so it will have to be brought down rather quickly to the ground level.

    Here is our last Intex pool which lasted extemely well for the past 3 years and left totally setup in the winter with not even a cover on it. Never had a green pool (large sand filter and SWG) and it was our third Intex pool. Love them for what you get for the cost.

    We spent the weekend tearing it down and removing all the 6x6 wooden posts to prepare for the new dig coming soon:


    The new build will be a 16 x 32 Rectangle (Roman style apparently) and the basic layout is below:

    Here is my rough background drawing showing proposed decking and deck/shed areas:


    We are going with the really cool Latham "Sit N' Step" for the shallow end and will likely be added jets with actuators to the Omnilogic to the seats (in white, could only find a grey pic):

    and then Roman 8' curved for the deep end:

    Our only issue is that the Sit N' Step will eat into our 8 foot concrete sun deck at the shallow end but there should still be enough room on either side for a pair of loungers.


    Equipment so far (covered on quote but still being reviewed by us):

    Hayward Omni Logic Base system
    Hayward Eco Star variable speed pump
    Hayward Swim Clear Cartridge Filter (likely upgrading to largest model)
    Hayward T-CELL-15 Salt Cell
    Hayward Universal H Series 250 BTU (Natural Gas)
    Wide mouth skimmer
    2 x ColourLogic 12v Networked Lights (Wish Hayward had their Omni module out for these)
    2 x Pool return/inlets
    2 x Anti Vortex floor suctions/main drains (if deemed necessary by PB but I'll likely request it).
    Plumbed in capped “T” fitting for future water fill line at mechanical pad
    Min size 2" Schedule 40 PVC and CPVC at header
    Drawing shows 17000 US Gals, 64300 Litres

    Currently considering the Dolphin S300i as the "Cabana Boy" (aka Robotic Pool Cleaner). Wonder if we can get an attachment for a drink tray and use it to deliver beverages with the Bluetooth app?


    Hopefully getting the build half completed this year and finished in the Spring (all depends on fall/early Winter weather up here).


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    Re: New Build - Vinyl In-Ground Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

    Hello Tim. That's usually how it starts ... a small Intex followed by the bigger one. Nice. I only had a couple thoughts and maybe some others will chime-in. First, I would go with a larger SWG cell. Generally the larger is better for longevity and to ensure you have no problems with FC production. The other is returns. You currently show two return jets. I might consider increasing to at least four return jets. Water surface circulation is paramount to moving that debris towards the skimmer. My pool is 16 x 40 and I have six returns, so you might appreciate a little more water movement. Also, and perhaps you've already accounted for this, make sure the poolside skimmer is positioned in the location to which your prevailing winds normally blow. That way on an average windy day, you can be assured the surface debris will go towards that corner.

    Hope that helps. Good luck with your build.
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