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Thread: Intelliflo VF Overcurrent Error

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    Intelliflo VF Overcurrent Error

    Pentair VF pump, Model #011012, installed 7 years ago. Been an excellent purchase as power in SoCal is 38 cents a KwH.

    This pump recently died. Flashing red error light with message "Overcurrent Error". When I reset the error, and press the "start/stop" button, the red flashing light comes on again immediately with the same error message. Same happens when I turn the circuit breaker off and on again and press the start button. There is no movement or noise from the motor. The impeller moves freely with my hand; there is no obstruction to the system rotating.

    Okay, I look online. Most every post says the drive unit is defective. But when I call Pentair, the tech says the motor is faulty.

    Any suggestions?
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    Re: Intelliflo VF Overcurrent Error

    First suggestion would be, if you have to replace the entire pump, then replace it with a variable speed pump, not another variable flow pump. The VF option is an unnecessary complexity for a residential pool. The pump operates by allowing the user to set a flow rate to get a specific number of turn-overs of the water per day but that is really unnecessary as achieving a specific number of turn-overs is an outdated concept. Pool studies have shown that most pools owners can't tell the difference between a pool that's been run 18hrs/day, 12hrs/day or 4hrs/day. The same studies have shown that pools with minimal turnovers have the same exact chemical usage as those with lots of turnovers. So TFP always recommends that pool owners use the absolute minimum number of pump hours to achieve proper chlorination (in the case of an SWG) and cleanliness (based on the pool owner's subjective opinion) as that minimizes the overall energy use (pumps are the largest source of energy draw in a pool). With that said, a standard variable speed pump (VS pump) is all that one really needs and the cost/energy-savings difference between running at constant flow or constant speed is probably not even measurable.

    Second, I'm not sure one can distinguish from just the fault code if it's the motor or the drive unit. There are certainly failure modes in both that could lead to an excess current flow either through bad windings on the motor OR something shorting out within the drive unit. Since the drive units and motors are highly integrated (VS/VF motors are not just single-winding standard pump motors but much more complicated), I would assume one would need to replace both. Assuming one can get a replacement motor & drive unit that is correctly matched to the wet-end of the pump, you could simply get rid of the old motor and install a new one while leaving the wet-end in place. Pentair should be able to give you the replacement part numbers.
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    Re: Intelliflo VF Overcurrent Error

    I appreciate your thoughtful reply. I was thinking about replacing the Drive Unit first, and if that does not work, replace the Motor.

    But the cost is about the same as a variable speed pump. I do appreciate the flexibility of programming the output of the pump. Let me think about it.
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    Re: Intelliflo VF Overcurrent Error

    If you can get to the leads of the motor you can ohm them out. I'd check into it further (might be able to find motor specs online), but usually on VS motors you will have 3 windings that should ohm equally 1-2, 2-3, and 1-3, and OL to ground. If that checks out, then the motor is good electrically.

    With that, both components have a lot of hours... probably smart to replace both if you are going to keep the wet end in place.
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    Re: Intelliflo VF Overcurrent Error

    In terms of the "wet end". Is the the same on all Pentair pumps? They look the same.

    I have a Pentair single speed pump that I only used a few months before I replaced it with the energy efficient model.
    35,000 gal pool, Pebble-Tec, Pentair VF pump, DE filter, Aqua Rite SWG, Pentair Minimax Heater in Southern California

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    Re: Intelliflo VF Overcurrent Error

    No, not all the wet ends of Pentair pumps are the same. However, the wet end of the Whisperflo and Intelliflo are the same.
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    Re: Intelliflo VF Overcurrent Error

    So roll of the dice. I replaced the drive assembly. The system works fine !!!

    Pentair tech was wrong !!!
    35,000 gal pool, Pebble-Tec, Pentair VF pump, DE filter, Aqua Rite SWG, Pentair Minimax Heater in Southern California

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