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Thread: Lists of equipment 3 builders quoted us... would like opinions?

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    Lists of equipment 3 builders quoted us... would like opinions?

    We are still considering whether or not to have a pool built, BUT are leaning toward, just going for it (thanks everyone for your advice and opinions on my other thread in the Getting Started section!)

    I know nothing about equipment and this is what 3 different builders included in the quotes they gave us:

    PB #1
    Pentair 2-speed pump
    Pentair cartridge filter
    Pentair sand-shark vacuum
    Upgraded skimmer w/locking basket
    5-yr warranty
    (lowest base price)

    PB #2
    Auto Pentair skimmer
    .5HP whisper flow pump
    automatic time clock (?)
    Pentair 320 SF cartridge filter
    Automatic water leveler
    Pentair suction side cleaner
    (about $5k more than PB #1)

    PB #3
    variable speed pump
    automatic time clock
    520 SF filter
    suction side cleaner
    auto leveler
    (price comparable to PB #2)

    Any advice on these pumps, filters, and cleaners? I don't know what a suction side cleaner is, but wouldn't I want a vacuum instead?

    Thanks so much!!

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    Re: Lists of equipment 3 builders quoted us... would like opinions?

    You'll get more info on the equipment for CA natives that can recommend variable speed vs. the two speed. For most of the country, outside of rebates, two speed provide a better ROI - sans Cali of course.

    Filter - generally the bigger the better. All are cartridge filter, where the filter is removed and rinsed/washed when dirty. This uses less water than backwashing a sand filter, but is more labor intensive. The larger the area of the filter, 520 SF vs. 320 SF, the less it has to be cleaned and the less pressure drop across it.

    A suction side cleaner is a vacuum. It uses the "suction" side of the pump to provide suction. Opposite to that, is a pressure side cleaner that uses the pressure from the pump to create suction. What you are referencing (I think) is a robot, which is a standalone unit that needs only a power supply for it to function. While both suction and pressure side cleaners, aka vacuums are good, robots are the best mainly because they do not require your pump to be running to operate.
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    Re: Lists of equipment 3 builders quoted us... would like opinions?

    I would assume, but could be wrong that you would want a VS pump. Being in Placer County and having to pay the outrageous rates of PG&E, anything you can do to save energy would be a plus. I hated seeing my $360 SMUD bill last month, but thats always nothing compared to my co-workers who have PGE with similar and smaller sized houses with pools.

    Any way you could squeeze solar in there with the budget? We are "in" our pool alot playing basketball and floating around, and we enjoy it 79 degrees plus. Without solar, especially this time of year my pool is already in the low 60's. If I was just going to sit on a lounge chair and just jump in the pool to cool off and get right back on the chair again, I would probably not care too much about pool temp.

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    Re: Lists of equipment 3 builders quoted us... would like opinions?

    It is hard to do much comparison with that little bit or information, lack of models for the filters or the pumps. There is also a lot of other equipment to consider with most pools (lights, automation system, heaters, etc.) not to mention finish, water features, number returns and skimmers, plumbing size, how it is ran, type of valves used etc. This is often a problem with PB bids, they don't include enough details, or the details they do include are often not specific enough or focus on the wrong things. Having said that it seems every bid people have posted with Pentair equipment the last month or two all include a pentair suction side cleaner, so I suspect there is some sort of promo going on, then the fact the things probably only cost a few dollar to make and likely have an insane markup that is understandable.


    p.s. for an analogy this is sort of like asking which car someone should buy based only on engine and tire size.

    p.p.s. most variable speed pumps have basic built in timers
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    Re: Lists of equipment 3 builders quoted us... would like opinions?

    Isaac-1 is correct you need more detail so you are sure you are comparing apples to apples I would call each and ask about plumbing size, lights, number of returns, type of valves, is fense removal and repair included. How much decking is included. Is all the electrical work included and if so how will they run it above ground or on the house.

    That being said...

    I would say builder #3 has the best equipment set over #2 but neither of them have 5K worth of upgrades over #1 on equipment alone. So unless builder #1 is a traditional plaster finish and the other 2 are quartz I would say builder #1 might be the way to go and just tell them you want a bigger filter and a VS pump and see what they charge for the upgrades.

    For the cleaner I would stick with whatever they provide and see how it works for you. If you don't like it you can upgrade to a Robot later. Don't upgrade to a pressure side cleaner especially one that requires a booster pump the increased electrical usage will not be worth it.

    Most agree if cared for correctly quartz it will last at least 2 times longer than traditional plaster and the upgrade price is usually considerably less than a replaster so it is a good return on investment if you plan on staying in the house 6 or more years.

    Solar will likely cost the same if you do it now or in a year for that reason I would suggest going 1 full year without just using a cover and see how you do. My pool is 82F right now in Tracy with diligent use of the cover.
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    Re: Lists of equipment 3 builders quoted us... would like opinions?

    Thanks everyone! Builder #3 didn't give us any information at all, even after we asked for more detail, until we sent him a list of what another builder includes and he replied to us based on that. They did let us know about lighting, decking, fence removal, and a bunch of other stuff. But the lists I put on here were for the equipment which I really know nothing about :-/ Fence repair is on us regardless of who we go to, but I don't mind repairing it. We want minimal hardscape done. Builder #2 includes 3' of salt decking around the pool, the other builders did not include it. We have a large concrete patio that I was going to connect to the pool with stepping stones. We have a lot of plants, large garden, and chicken coop so a ton of decking doesn't really go with the over all look of the yard in my opinion. All three builders included one light in the pool, and recommended we add one more at an additional cost. Thanks atttech-2, Builder #1 is coming out tomorrow and I will ask him how much they will charge for the vs pump, as it sounds like that is the way to go.

    My husband is leaning toward Builder #1, so we will see what they have to say tomorrow Thanks everyone!

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    Re: Lists of equipment 3 builders quoted us... would like opinions?

    FWIW, if I were to build a new pool I would insist on getting a SWG installed. A SWG should be 2 to 3 times the size of the pool otherwise you will need to run the pump longer than necessary.
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    Re: Lists of equipment 3 builders quoted us... would like opinions?

    I live right up the road from you so I hope that you do a pool build for us. We already have a pool but it is up for a remodel...but so far the prices have been crazy.
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