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Thread: I Made My OTHER Neighbor a BBB Believer!

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    I Made My OTHER Neighbor a BBB Believer!

    They just got an Intex pool and I was eager to set them straight right off the bat than dealing with chemicals they absolutely don't need! I walked on over and started helping her and her family set it up, telling her how she should care for it. Of course, she didn't get it right away but isn't that natural? She was very intrested which is always a plus! I repeated myself a few times but told her to trust me. After her pool was full <curtesy of the fire department and a nice donation> I tested her water. The pH was very low at 6.8 and under. Ta was 40. FC pretty much 0 -.5 CC 0 CYA 0 but I had a sock in there before it was even done filling up.

    Well, it's been about a week and a half or more and I've been testing her water and it is up to par, pristine if you will and I'm so proud of her and her pool! They both <her and her hubby> are very happy they aren't spending BooCoo bucks on chemicals like they thought they would have too and their water is crystal clear. I told them, you just don't need all that extra ****!

    She went to work and told her friends she uses the BBB and they should see her pool! <she's gaining bragging rights as I am too> They are telling her there is NO WAY that can work! I started laughing and asked if they have pools and she said yeah, some do. I said, probably green ones! She said probably! She is taking a pic of it and showing them! I told her, take a pic of my pool and tell them the water is 2 years old and NEVER turned green or cloudy yet!

    Her hubby is so happy though. His biggest fear is having a big blue thing in his yard with green water. I have promised her it will never turn that color if she does what I say!

    I'll be getting some money from her in a week or so and ordering them their very own TF100! She would do it herself but isn't hooked into the internet yet. As soon as she is, she says she's coming here! Until then, she's a BBB believer!

    Needless to say, they are very happy and only spent $15 bucks so far on chemicals! There is no way you could do that at a Pool Store!

    It's just another testimonial! Enjoy your pools this summer because we will all because of TFP!
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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    Re: I Made My OTHER Neighbor a BBB Believer!

    Casey, you are a good neighbor!

    They probably do not really understand how much you have helped them. After they get on the net and start reading, it will start to sink in.

    Once they read about some conversions or overstabilized pools, they will probably

    After all, it could just have easily been them!

    Keep up the good work!
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