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Thread: Timing of adding chemicals

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    Timing of adding chemicals

    Hi. I'm Torre(cootiequeen) and have recently inherited a home made lap pool. It's about 30' x 6' and 3' deep. I'm told may be less than 5k gal. I'm only able to be here on weekends and sometimes skip a weekend. Most of the time I've been able to keep the water in balance but occasionally I miss a treatment. Then pond scum smell! I put some acid in it and the smell was gone within an hour. I threw half a pkg of shock in before I left for the week. Got test strips. It seems to be doing ok. I think I need to put acid in the night we arrive and chlorine before we leave. And a lot of chlorine if I'm going to be gone more than a week. Any thoughts? I read the water should be circulated daily but I haven't mastered the timer yet and just used it manually when I'm there.

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    Re: Timing of adding chemicals

    Hello Torre and welcome to TFP! Being the "occasional" pool visitor (weekends & such), you might find consistent management a bit tricky. I can tell from some of your descriptions you manage your water differently that we do here at TFP. But I'll try to give you a few TFP pointers to get started and you can go from there:
    - #1 is having the right test kit. We recommend a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C. Test strips are notoriously inaccurate, and so is that free store testing.
    - With the proper test kit, we need to see a full set of water results
    - Those bags of shock from the pool store have side effects by adding stabilizer that your pool may not need, so be careful. Again, the test results will confirm.
    - Acid is fine if your pH is high, but it won't clear algae or a bad smelling pool. That's a chlorinating issue - yep ... test results.

    If you can't be there to add bleach each day to maintain the proper FC level, maybe someone who watches your place can? If not, you may eventually need to add a salt water generator or stenner-type pump to automatically add chlorine.

    Stick around and ask questions. We'll do all we can to help. Nice to have you with us.
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