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Thread: Have Test Kit, CYA Levels Sky High

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    Have Test Kit, CYA Levels Sky High

    Hello everyone!

    It's been a bit since my first post, and I'm much less nervous about everything now, as I feel I have a handle on the situation. Seems that the previous pool owner only used chlorine pucks, and while his water was crystal clear, the cya levels were through the roof, and I'm sure the chlorine levels were as well, although I started testing about 2 weeks after he left, and didn't realize how bad the pucks were until another two weeks down the road. Since then I've shut off his auto chlorinator with the pucks, and I've been using 8.25% bleach. The cya levels seem to be around 200, that's what I get after diluting with tap water. I haven't had the chance to monitor a drain/refill until this weekend, so I've been trying to keep chlorine levels around 15ppm per poolcalc, but the pool has still become very cloudy, to where I can barely see the main drain.

    My latest test results were as follows:

    CYA:200 (roughly)

    I know I need to do partial drains and refills to get the cya level down, and I plan on doing that this weekend, however, I just have a few questions to go along with that.

    1: Is it normal for the pool to be this cloudy even with chlorine levels as high as they are? It also seems like there's a greasy film on top, moreso in the deep end than the shallow end where the returns are.

    2. Should I even bother running my robot vac in the pool at the moment? I feel like it's a bit of a lost cause, and according to the manual, chlorine levels above 4ppm are not recommended for it.

    3. Once I get my CYA levels back down, which I can hopefully do this weekend, I'm guessing a SLAM is in order?

    4. My pool is in direct sunlight for 90% of the day, which CYA level should I shoot for? I was thinking 60ppm?

    I've attached pictures of the pool from today after testing. The pool is roughly 18x30, 3ft in the shallow and 8ft in the deep end. Older pool, built ~30 years ago, new liner installed in Sep 2015. So I'm guessing it's around 18k gallons.

    Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks everyone
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    Re: Have Test Kit, CYA Levels Sky High

    Not sure why your pool is cloudy but, regardless, the SLAM will cure it.

    I would run the vac and brush quite often during the SLAM. Disregard that bogus info about it being bad for the robot.....they don't take the affect of CYA into consideration.

    For W-S, NC I would suggest maybe 50 as a good target for your CYA.
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