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Thread: Phosphate Remover

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    Phosphate Remover

    So our PB says that we have to have a pool store test monthly for the plaster guy to warranty his product. Which is not a huge deal. So with me using the TFP method my numbers are great, which I knew before we took the water sample in. From what I have read when your numbers are good the store goes to the Phosphates test to try to sell you something. the test says we are @ 500 ppb. We have a bottle of phosphate remover that the PB gave us when the build was finished. Is there any harm in using it if I cant return it or should I just give it to a neighbor that will probably need it due to using only trichlor to sanitize their pool?

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    Re: Phosphate Remover

    Why add something you don't need?

    I know it's hard when you've spent money on a product - you really, really want to use it to feel like you didn't "waste" the money. But in this case, if you can't return it, I'd personally give it to a neighbor that believes in snake oil - they'll feel good about saving some money on a product they use (and extend you some goodwill for giving it to them!), you'll feel good that it didn't go to "waste", everyone wins.
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    Re: Phosphate Remover

    I agree. I had the exact same situation when I learned about TFP. My bottle of Phosfree/Pool Perfect? ....... in the trash. Lesson learned for me. Have a nice weekend.
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    Re: Phosphate Remover

    The builder / store that we bought the pool from also recommends the Phosfree/Pool Perfect product. In my short time learning the TPF process, I haven't heard any mention so far of any need to test for or deal with phosphate levels. Store guy says it's to remove phosphates that the 'lil critters like to eat. It was said by the store to add a bit each week and a whole lot more at closing.

    Using the TFP method, is it that we don't care what the phosphate level are since we are already suppressing the 'lil critters with chlorine or some other reason? My question is on phosphates and the need to deal with them or lack of any real need to do anything other than to clean debris and filter the water.

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    Re: Phosphate Remover

    Ok....I think what *I'd* do is hold on to it. IF and when I ever needed to make a claim on my warranty and need the PB to come inspect my pool I'd use it at that time before they arrived and have a fast trip to the pool store for a test showing the phosphates were down or gone.

    Sure, it's a little sneaky but geez.... it makes more sense than them relying on a monthly pool store test to show the water is "balanced", right??

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    Re: Phosphate Remover

    Using the TFP method, is it that we don't care what the phosphate level are since we are already suppressing the 'lil critters with chlorine or some other reason?
    That's correct. In fact, we don't "suppress" them, we eliminate them.

    Phosphate remover is a two-pronged loser.

    1. Algae can eat other foods (like nitrates) so you can't "starve" algae by removing phosphates.

    2. If you never have algae to begin with, algae food is irrelevant.
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