In 2008, I purchased a new Aquabot Turbo T4 RC pool cleaner. I have had no problems until now. Yesterday, after a few hours in the pool, I found the unit upside down in the deep end. After uprighting, it moved about 20 feet and the unit stopped. The power supply lights were off and the fuse was blown. Today I replaced the fuse, the unit travels, but the pump motor discharge is very weak and the unit does not pick up debris. I removed the Outlet Top and there are no signs of debris, the propeller spins freely. Could the fuse blowing indicate a potential problem with the power supply? Are there any thorough instructions on-line for troubleshooting the power supply using a multi-meter? My power supply electrical connection has 7 pins. Is anyone aware of detailed instructions for replacing the pump motor assembly or am I destined to take it to a repair shop? This is my first unit, how long do these things last? Since this is my 9th season with this unit, is it at the end of useful life? Also, replacement parts are very expensive ($456 for cable, $215 pump motor, $47 shrink tubing, etc.).

While waiting for Aquabot Tech to get back to me, I get 41.2 VAC between the top two pins and 29.4 VAC between each side pin and the center pin.