Greetings!!! I am in the process of selecting a PB for my very first pool, and I am leaning toward this PB's design, which is very exciting but like all of you, I need some advice so I get it right!

Below is the specs on the pool, does anything jump out at you as a concern or something I should consider asking about, changing, upgrading?

My backyard does slope and my thoughts were also to go with another contractor to do the 715 SF decking, so what is pictured there I would more than likely be expanding the decking area for a bigger dining table and couch set and using pavers. I hardscape contractor has worked with many PB and my initial reaction based on his experience, reputation, etc. was that I would like to work with him on decking and I will have other work in the yard that needs some hardscaping so might as well try to leverage the other work with a better price? Any considerations here about not using the PB hardscaping contractors?

Also, I am debating the upgrade option of have the plaster upgraded to caribbean blue quartz but is it really worth it or will I have buyers regret on going with that option?

Thanks in advance for any input!

Pool Size 645 SF water surface area Custom Gunite Swimming Pool
Pool Depth 36 60
Raised Pool Beam Yes, 30 @ 24 high, 6 @ 18, 6 @ 12 and 6 @ 6 with Stone Face and Paver Cap
Waterfeatures Yes, (3) 2 Sheer Descent Waterfalls with separate booster pump
Steps Standard 4-step entry (see drawing)
Deep-End Bench Yes, (1) 4 (see drawing)
Coping 12 x 6 Bullnosed Paver (TBD)
Tile 6 Standard Waterline (TBD)
Interior Finish White Marbelite
Pool Lights (1) LED Colors
Skimmers (2)
Returns (3)
Main Drains Dual with anti-vortex/anti-entrapment covers
Equipment Package (Smart Pack 3) Includes Microban SmartFilter 450, SmartSaver Microprocessor Computerized Controller, SmartMax 2-speed pool/spa pump, SmartPure HD Ozone Generator, SmartPure Mineral Cartridge, Polaris
Heater Yes, 125k BTU Heat Pump
Maintenance Package Yes, Includes Manual Vacuum head and hose, Telescopic pole and brush, Initial Start-up and Pool Indoctrination
Excess Dirt will be hauled from the site as needed
Base Electrical Package Includes permit, ALL material and labor for complete installation of included equipment, trenching, inspections, GFI convenience outlet at equipment and up to 200 of conduit (additional electrical charges may be incurred if conduit exceeds 200, if panel upgrades are needed or additional outlets are needed and/or requested)
Drawing, Layout, Lifetime Transferrable pool shell warranty
Engineered Plans, Building Permit, Normal Excavation, Insurance Included, Crushed stone base, Hydrostatic relief plugs, 50 regular silt & barrier fence included
Plumbing Installation, steel reinforcing, bonding and all inspections are included

pool 1.jpgpool 3.jpgpool 2.jpg