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Thread: Cloudy water and Ph keeps dropping

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    Cloudy water and Ph keeps dropping

    Hey guys Glad i found this site.
    Pool store been screwing wife for 4 years.
    Open pool this year water was totally green had hole in cover and alot of leaves got in.
    Cleaned the leaves out bought the TF-100 test kit and added a SWG.
    CYA was way over a 100 did a 50% water flush last week brought it down to 100.
    Did a 30% flush yesterday and have a cya of 80. SWG recommends 60 to 80.
    Pool looks good today slight cloudiness .
    Here are my readings as of 9 am this morning 78 degrees
    Alk= 70
    Salt= 2400 (going to add 80 lbs of salt today.)
    My ph seems to be dropping i have my outlet pointed up to air rate pool
    Last week ph was 7.8 after 50 Flush and by yesterday it was 6.8
    been doing that since we opened pool.My readings have been pretty good except for the cya that seems to be ok now.
    is this normal for ph to drop over time.
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    Re: Cloudy water and Ph keeps dropping

    have you read pool school? esp. about shocking. 1cc=bad.
    you probably already know not to shock using swg.
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    Re: Cloudy water and Ph keeps dropping

    Welcome to TFP!

    With all the water replacement, the PH has probably been changing because of the water you added. Normally, with a SWG, PH will rise over time.

    reebok is right to be concerned about your CC level of 1. If that doesn't go down soon you will need to shock.
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    Re: Cloudy water and Ph keeps dropping

    Those readings were 1st thing am.Just finished 30% water flush 2 am last night.I added 2.6 bottles of 182 oz of bleach.
    When i 1st opened pool fc was 0 and cc were 9 that was 3 weeks ago,and my cya was off the that i got my cya to 80 i know how much
    to shock my pool.
    Thanks to following this board got my cc to 1.0 and my cya under control.Been vacuuming pool every day and that seems to help a bunch.
    Was just worried about the ph not rising.did not know if the ph not rising was from the cya being way out of control.
    I will keep an eye out on the ph and continue to shock with bleach till my cc is 0
    Thanks guys
    18,400 gallon AG Pool,1.5 hp Hayward Pump, Sta-Rite sand filter, Aquatrol RJ SWG, TF-100 test kit

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    Re: Cloudy water and Ph keeps dropping

    Hi and welcome. 2 am huh? Sounds like you are determined!

    The likely cause of the pH dropping is your tap/fill water. You can test it directly from the faucet to see what it is.

    CYA being high won't cause the PH to drop, but if one is actively adding CYA or using trichlor, that would. You aren't doing either so there has to be another cause.

    I wouldn't worry though, PH of 7.2 isn't terrible and as stated above, with use of the SWG it will probably rise on it's own into range. If not, a little borax or soda ash will do the trick.
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