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Thread: Cold nights= evaporation??

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    Cold nights= evaporation??

    Hi everyone,

    Is it common to have more evaporation when we are having cool nights and warm days?? Trying to determine if it's a leak, thanks for your help!

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    Re: Cold nights= evaporation??

    Cool temps generally equate to lower humidity which will cause more evaporation...but it is such a small difference.
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    Re: Cold nights= evaporation??

    Cold nights when you have warm days usually means very low humidity. Around here in July/Aug the dew point climbs into the 70s and the temp will not drop much at all overnight. In those conditions three things happen: 1) Air temp is close to pool temp. 2) Very little wind. 3) Extremely high humidity.
    All three of those lead to almost no evaporation.
    Once the dew point drops in the fall, we get more breeze at night, much lower humidity, and much cooler nights. Assuming your pool is heated (still the same temp) each of those three things lead to much higher evaporation.
    I notice it when it rains with our autocover, the cover pump leaves 1/2 inch puddles in places, in July/Aug those are still there days later if I haven't done anything with the pool, in the fall they are gone by morning (along with most of the pool's heat).
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    Re: Cold nights= evaporation??

    1/8"-1/4" evaporation per day is typical. The best way to check for a leak is a bucket test. More here, Pool School - Leak Detection
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    Re: Cold nights= evaporation??

    The evaporation rate of water in your pool is determined by the temperature differential of the water and the air as well as the relative humidity and wind speed. I find that, as the weather cools and the air temps get lower at night, my pool water is warmer than the surrounding air. I live in the desert so RH is always low. Like clockwork, I can hear the autofill start running at night after the sun goes down.

    See this link for a good primer on water evaporation - Evaporation from Water Surfaces
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    Re: Cold nights= evaporation??

    Funny the other day when I took off the bubble cover at 7am (45 degrees outside / pool water was 82) it looked like I lifted
    the lid off of a boiling tea kettle, very visible evaporation. Put the cover back on to conserve heat / water.
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