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Thread: Inground Pool Closing in Chicago

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    Inground Pool Closing in Chicago

    1st time closing and I have some questions.

    How low do I lower the water. My guess is below the returns to keep ice from pulling out the rubber return stoppers?
    I guess I am a bit confused b/c by spring b/c of so much rain and snow the water level is usually back up to normal. I just don't know how far down to take it in the fall.

    I have two skimmers. I think last year when I moved in there were antifreeze bottles in the skimmers but i can't remember what was in the bottles. Do I leave some antifreeze in the bottles or weight them down with rocks inside or something? I guess i don't completely understand what this is for. I thin it is to keep ice from cracking the skimmer wall if water collects in there somehow. The skimmers were plugged with rubber stoppers too with the skimmer well filled with anitfreeze. I do not have aquadoors. the skimmer is just open to the pool. I think the skimmer cover was also covered with a trash bag and a rock on top of it to weigh it down. I guess this is to keep water form entering in the top?

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    Re: Inground Pool Closing in Chicago

    TURN YOUR SKIMMERS OFF PULL FROM THE BOTTOM DRAIN IF you don't have a problem with a high water table lower your water 3 to 6" inches below your jet. your mainly lowering to blow the lines. All pools are designed to allow the extra water to escape out your skimmer, you have a overflow just like the bathtub in your home. No need to pump water down through out the winter. Check with your pool installer, here in Ohio we have a overflow. You screw a gizzmo into the skimmers for added safety we crush (take air out) of AF bottle and put inside the skimmer. We don't add rocks or liquid to the bottles we also just put the lid back on , no trash bags, no rocks, no reason. Water is going to get in from the pool side (what was they thinking).

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    Re: Inground Pool Closing in Chicago

    I only lower the water below the skimmer just enough to blow out the water (I even vacuum skimmers first). The Gizmo's are there to absorb the expansion of ice in the skimmers. If the weather in your State is real rough, then adding some plastic bottles with pool anti-freeze may be added protection.

    Your return jets (lowering water below may only be necessary) to help push water out of the lines if the blower is not powerful enough. Again, if this is the case, you may have an issue blowing out the main drain.

    I have a solid cover and allow the rain to build up a few feet as the water will actually insulate anything in the pool. The water only freeze's 1/2" to 1" at most, based on the last few years worth of pool ownership. What is the frost line in Illinois? NJ is about 32" to 36", which is not bad considering most of the piping is below the frost line. In addition, everything works together, from the pool walls, compacted soil, concrete, snow, etc. Everything acts as its own insulation. It would take a very long cold spell and deep freeze to really affect anything in the pool.
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