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Thread: Any distance limitations wiring a new j-box to a aqualink system

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    Any distance limitations wiring a new j-box to a aqualink system

    I want to install a new j-box in a location that's roughly 45-50 linear feet from the aqualink control panel. The 4 conductor wire that's preiinstalled on the j-box isn't long enough and would require splicing another section of cable to extend the wiring far enough to reach the powercenter control panel.

    Is there a limitation in the maximum distance between the jbox and the powercenter when installing a jbox?

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    Re: Any distance limitations wiring a new j-box to a aqualink system

    If its an AC Power Cable, 40 or 50 feet probably wont make much difference. But never hurts to look at the numbers.

    To explain it, .... depends on the voltage requirement of the device and the size of the wire. Voltage will drop over distance, so you need to determine what is the operating voltage of the device and what the voltage drop over the distance is.
    You can look up a wire size chart online, and it will give you the voltage drop of the size wire being used.

    If the voltage drop is too much, then go up a size in wire. The larger the wire, the less loss. Generally, regarding AC, if the actual voltage supplied to the device is within 10% of the requirement, then it wil work fine.

    If you are referring to a serial communications cable, then the rules change.
    40 or 50 feet is too long for RS232. But it would be OK for RS422.
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