I am not sure which area to post this in but figured this would be OK.

I posted awhile back about opening this past season to a large crack in the bottom of my fiberglass in ground pool. I intended to have it repaired over the summer but ended up tight on money and the quotes were fairly out of my budget (5-7k). Obviously that's a drop in the bucket compared to losing the entire pool. But I just couldn't do it, for a temporary fix I used underwater epoxy to seal it up. It worked fairly well and I did not have any water loss over the summer.

Anyhow the one thing that drives me nuts (outside of the crack) is how the underside of the shell got displaced. Some areas are a little bulged up and others have voids. I assume when the crack happened over the winter it ended up washing around the fill as the water table went up and down. Early in the season when the crack was open I had water bedding going on. I am guessing it dried out and now is just simply unstable.

My question is probably a pretty self explanatory one but figured I would get some input. Can the floor be cut open in a few of the "bad" areas so the under fill can be evened out? I am thinking about square / rectangle sections maybe 3' x 3'. I know fiberglass is pretty repairable / workable and I already assume this would be extremely expensive. But now that I have more financial stability I am weighing out my options.

Obviously this is probably something I should be asking a fiberglass repair guy, but I trust everyone here can give some good input.