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Thread: Vinyl crazing at the seams

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    Question Vinyl crazing at the seams

    Hi All! I'm a new pool owner and pretty much everything with my installer went great! However, I'm concerned we might have issue and was hoping I can explain it well and get some feedback.

    Shortly after our pool was installed, we noticed that the liner was sagging a bit around the top of the vinyl covered stairs and I chalked it up to the water level being low. And when I added water back, the liner pulled back into shape. But, upon closer inspection the next morning, I noticed that it seemed the liner should be snapped into some sort of channels at the back of each stair and no matter what I did, the liner simply didn't seem to have enough slack to be snapped in place.

    I contacted my builder with my concern and learned that there was an issue cutting the liner - not sure if it was poor measurements or equipment mess up at the fabricator. The liner was in fact about an inch too short and I was told that keeping the pool water level from getting too low will mitigate the sag we noticed. And, that having the liner snapped into the channels was not a concern.

    Fast forward 2 to 3 months and everything is still going fine and I do keep the water level on the higher side and have not noticed the sag again. But, now I see what appears to be crazing at one of the seams at the bottom stair. I say crazing because the liner at the seam is turning white - as if it were getting stretched; much like when you bend plastic back and forth close to the breaking point. Closer inspection reveals there is a little bit of void between the liner and the floor and I didn't feel comfortable poking around too much. It's certainly not a bit area and I would need to point it out to you for you to even notice.

    I again contacted by builder and he responded quickly that we wouldn't be on the hook for any kind of failure of that nature and he forwarded my message to the liner guy - which is a good start. I'm wondering if I
    1 - seeing this whitening around seams is normal
    2 - if it is normal, is there some extra care I should take
    3 - if not, would anyone recommend how to handle this? Demand a new liner? Demand something written in writing that notes the issue?

    Thanks a million!!!

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    Re: Vinyl crazing at the seams

    I'd want someone out there to look at it. Also, they should have told you about the liner miscalculation up front, rather than wait for you to notice a problem!
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    Re: Vinyl crazing at the seams

    I would demand new liner. They kept that info from you. They need to take care of the problem.
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