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Thread: Air Bubbles out of return jets

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    Air Bubbles out of return jets

    Hello all,

    I have a pool that was probably installed back in the mid 80's. I've owned the house since '97. I have always noticed a few bubbles coming from one of the jets but not too bad.
    the pool has a spa so it has to return lines one for spa & one for pool with a 3-way valve. Back in march my main drain started leaking (pump wouldn't prime unless I valved it off) and I was loosing 2" of water a day. I had a pool company remodel the pool because I had been patching everything along for a long while & having trouble finding outdated parts.
    here is what was done.
    1. stripped pool & replaced all tile & diamond bright.
    2 installed new main twin drain with new home run back to pump (nothing reused).
    3. Installed Vacuum Port (didn't have it before) and ran back to pump.
    4. new filter system, salt system, new valves & re-plumb everything at the pump but reused my existing pump (re-built recently).
    now I have a lot of bubbles out of all of the jets.
    the pool company tried everything listed below to get the bubbles to stop.
    1. pressure checked all suction lines (they said all OK)
    2. replaced my pump with new pump.
    3. replaced a couple of valves.
    after all of the above still have a lot of bubbles all jets pool & spa.
    last week they were out and pressure tested both return lines.
    they said they wouldn't keep pressure and both must be slightly broken & that's where the air is coming from.

    what's bothering me is my pool gets a lot of sun (south florida) & I run it 8hrs a day 7 days a week and have not needed to add a drop of water since the initial filling of the pool back in april.
    I know this is a long lead up to the question so here it is.

    does it seem possible that both return lines could have broken under ground and put out almost the same amount of bubbles in the pool & spa without losing any water ?

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    Re: Air Bubbles out of return jets

    Welcome to TFP!

    A few air bubbles 1 or 2 returns is usually the SWG and will stop when it is off. Lots of bubbles in all returns is usually a suction leak. It sucks air into the plumbing before the pump and they often don't leak water. More here, Pool School - Suction Side Air Leaks

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    Re: Air Bubbles out of return jets

    Bubbles from my SWCG come out of 2 of my 4 returns and sort of a 3rd. A good volume of bubbles actually. I have a short run from the equipment.
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    Re: Air Bubbles out of return jets

    If the bubbles dont stop when the SWG is off, AND IF you do not see bubbles in the pump strainer basket lid (suction leak), then it might be related to the spider gasket in a multiport valve (if you have one). With the pump off, try moving the valve handle slightly (lift it, move, reseat) to see if you can get rid of the bubbles.
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    Re: Air Bubbles out of return jets

    To answer your question, no- if returns had leaks they would push water out, not draw air in.
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    Re: Air Bubbles out of return jets

    Shot in the dark here... Are your pump leaf basket O-rings lubricated and in good shape and baskets clean? On our koi pond , if I forget to check that semi-regularly it has in the past created a vacuum leak there that sucks air into the system. Clean and lube and it goes away.

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