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Thread: new pool owner

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    new pool owner

    i just filled up my intex above ground pool 12x24x52, and have no idea what to do. it uses 8403 gallons of water, all ive done is put a test strip in there and it looks like it just needs chlorine but i dont know how much, i just bought the regular bleach cuz i got it from the bbb method on u tube . i dont even know if the chemicals would just b thrown in the water or what cuz i dont think this pool has a skimmer, im clueless, please help

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    Re: new pool owner

    Welcome to TFP, Nolmeda1 Glad you found us!

    While your pool isn't as small as most seasonal pools, this guide may be of use to you in understanding the care of small pools -
    Pool School - Guide for Seasonal/Temporary Pools

    I would personally suggest you obtain a TF-50 test kit to monitor the health of your pool.

    Pool Math is how you figure out what quantities of chemicals you need to use. Basic 8.25% H.E.B. or Walmart GV bleach is the best choice for your day to day sanitation. You'll need a bit of CYA (stabilizer) to hold the free chlorine in the water against the sun's rays. Anything else is on a need-only basis.

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    Re: new pool owner

    Welcome to TFP! Good to have you here.

    A good first step is a bit of reading, starting with this link:
    TFPC for Beginners (first two posts)

    Then ordering this test kit:

    Then clicking the link in my signature below, "Read Before Posting", which has instructions that will help you to get the best possible help from the experts here.

    While waiting for the kit, I would add 1/3 gallon of 8.25% plain bleach daily to prevent algae from gaining a foothold.

    If it were mine, I would also do a single addition of two lbs of stabilizer (aka CYA or cyanuric acid), but just once right at the beginning until you get your test kit. You can put the powder in an old sock with no holes in it, tie a string around it, and hang that in the water from a stick, kind of like a fishing pole leaning against the pool. Squeeze it every 15 minutes or so to help it dissolve into the water.

    For tips on the why's and how's of adding chemicals, read this: Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals
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