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Thread: Newbie planning to close pool soon - blowing lines?

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    Newbie planning to close pool soon - blowing lines?

    Hello all,

    Sad time of year. I know that I should wait until pool temp is below 60, but here in the Northeast we are in a severe drought, water level is getting to the bottom of the skimmer, and leaves are going to start blowing everywhere. I'm debating about closing up in the next week or so (pool temp is currently 72 and dropping fast), so that I don't have to fight the leaves and add more water.

    I've been reading up and watching videos and I think I have most of the tasks down -- my biggest concern is properly blowing out the lines.

    I have 3 returns, 2 skimmers, one pipe that I suspect is for a polaris, but I've never used it... we have a robot.
    My equipment is a DE filter and pump, no other goodies.
    I also have just a slide port -- NOT a multi-port. I also have one Jandy valve that goes between the skimmers and main drain. Picture here:


    So after I backwash the filter clean and lower the water level to below the returns, I use my shop vac to blow air into each of the two skimmers until there's no mist coming out of any of the returns. Will this also get that extra pipe (for a polaris?)? When I do this, then air is going to be going through the pump and filter and blowing those out too, correct? So my filter port should be set on the normal setting as though I was in regular run-mode?

    And as I blow out through skimmers, jandy valve is set to skimmer? One those returns are dry and plugged, then I go to the skimmer closest to the main drain and start blowing with the valve set to main drain? If my shop vac is strong enough and I get a stream of bubbles, then I'll close that valve as it's blowing for the air lock (which takes it back to skimmers).

    After that, remove drain plugs from pump and filter.

    Finally, where do I pour antifreeze in? Do I need to disconnect the filter from the plumbing?

    Sorry for all the newbie questions! I will call a pool company to close it if I don't feel like I'm getting these lines blown out sufficiently, but I'd like to learn to do this myself -- it's empowering!
    Rhonda, Outside of Boston, MA
    20k gallon IG gunite circa 1984, very old/stained/worn out plaster finish
    4820 Hayward DE filter, no idea on the pump... will figure that out!, T-100 test kit, Speed Stir is the BOMB!
    *Researching options to refinish Spring 2017!*

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    Re: Newbie planning to close pool soon - blowing lines?

    I am in the same boat too. I have read and watched video's and there are different procedures used. Maybe my questions will be the same? I am sure there are a lot of other newbies like us.
    New Haven, CT
    16 x 32 x 8 in-ground vinyl , sand filter
    22,000 gallons
    Leslie test kit, TF100 test kit

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