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Thread: Plastering and weather

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    Plastering and weather

    So to add to the complexities and annoyances of the last days of my build, my plasterer is ticked off at me.

    They came out Tuesday not expecting rain, but it started just after they mixed the first batch of Diamond Brite. So they covered the spa and finished that while it rained, then filled and uncovered it. The rain stopped late morning and they asked me if I wanted to go ahead with the pool...there were clouds on the radar and rain looked possible late afternoon. I asked what the negatives were to curing plaster in rain (we are filling via hose, which would take about 36 hours) and the foreman talked about wall streaking, washouts and discoloration. He said he wanted to work and finish it today, but once he leaves any issues we have with rain is out of his hands. So I opted to send them home rather than plaster, and they seemed Ok with that. He hands me back my money saying he'd get it back when they finish the job.

    So we rescheduled for Thursday, even though rain was in the forecast. We'd play it by ear and I'd make the call at 6am.

    6am Thursday it was raining and the radar looked bad. Forecast was for rain until 9, then again at noon, then again at 9pm. I called the office and the schedulers cell and left messages not to come out.

    9am, my wife calls in a panic. The plasterers are there. They say they never got the message not to come out. By now the rain has stopped, but the forecast says rain again in a few hours and at night. They say their forecast says no rain. They also say if we don't do it today, we can't come back for 3 weeks. The pressure is on.

    Given what was said Tuesday regarding discoloration, I again tell them not to do the work.

    Now, I'm getting conflicting opinions from this board, other boards and local builders. Some say as long as the plaster is troweled out and mostly hardened, rain poses no threat. Others say rain coming off the coping/cantilever and tile can discolor the plaster in streaks down the sides of the pool...and debris picked up by the rain/wind can discolor plaster as well, creating discoloration or a ring.

    So what does TFP think? It seems rain during the working of the plaster is a definite dealbreaker...but what about after the plaster has set, the workers leave and the pool is filling? Are there methods and precautions I can take to lessen impact?
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    Re: Plastering and weather

    I think you are doing the right thing by not filling it if there is a risk of rain. Although I am not a plaster installer, it is common knowledge that one can not stop a fill once it has started because it will cause a ring. I think rain would cause similar lines/streaking.

    It sounds like they are bullying you a bit so they can just finish, collect your money and move on to the next job but are not willing to accept any risk.

    Hopefully someone else will be along who know definitively.

    Good Luck
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