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Thread: NEED HELP PLEASE - leaking pipe on solar return line

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    NEED HELP PLEASE - leaking pipe on solar return line

    I need some help and may have gotten in over my head... But hopefully it's recoverable from some advice from you all. So here goes:

    The return line for our solar system has a small leak at one of the elbows under ground. My plan was to cut out the section and replace it like I would with any other PVC. The issue however is that there is water in the solar panels so when I started cutting, water started coming out. My question is how do I get water out of the pipe so I can cut it all the way through and replace it? Do I need to just let it drain until it stops or is there a way to do it somehow else? the pump is off and i turned the diverter to the panels off until I can figure it out.

    It's a 2" PVC pipe right next to house where it comes from the solar panels.

    Any help/advice you all can provide would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Re: NEED HELP PLEASE - leaking pipe on solar return line

    This is hard to answer without knowing your setup, however since you posted this about 45 minutes ago, I suspect any water in the pipes have likely leaked out through the cut you made by now.

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    Re: NEED HELP PLEASE - leaking pipe on solar return line

    Let it drain down through your cut or close the bypass valves- if it is a solar return the "poolside" will be below your cut-- if you are on "pool side" & below plug pool returns.

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    Re: NEED HELP PLEASE - leaking pipe on solar return line

    When i get called out to repair a leak on a pipe underground, after digging to expose it, i figure where i will cut the leaking section out at, and usually have to get a cable saw under it because it's laying along side other pool pipes, i have already measured my repair pieces of pipe so they are ready to glue to the 4 90's i use to make my repair saddle, i generally don't want to spend a lot of time doing this, and prefer to get it done in about an hour if i can, but what i do when i cut out the 6'' piece of leaking pipe is to have a loaf or two of bread with me and i stuff pieces of bread in each end of the pipe to give me enough time to glue my saddle in place, it stops the flow of water long enough for me to do it, but if it seeps out and i need more time to finish the repair, i will stuff more pieces in, i am usually talking about a 1.5'', or 2'' piece of pipe so it can hold some bread, since i always use a medium body fast set glue for all of my plumbing work (pool-tite) i can pressure test right away, and the bread dissipates and won't hurt the pool ( it's bread, come on )

    If you can work fast, and you can plumb, it's the best way to temporarily stop the water.

    I've never done this on a solar set up (don't really come across many solar heated anything out here) I don't think bread will be a problem though if you think it might work for you

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