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Thread: Is filter operting properly?

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    Is filter operting properly?

    How do I tell if my filter is working properly?

    On the suggestion of people here I'm attempting to get my pool into the best condition I can before closing it for winter. I was going to follow the slam method here but found out my CYA is very high 90-100 so am simply attempting to kill the algae off by keeping CL high and not really following any particular method. That seems to be working except not much of the contaminants seem to be being removed from the pool. After a more then a week of high CL and sweeping every day, in the deep end, ~5.5 ft, I can still only barely see my sweeper head.

    On top of that after several days I decided I should backwash and it did not appear much came out and the water in the rinse view bowl was clear fairly quickly.

    That being said, yes, water quality appears to be getting better but seems like it is taking an inordinately long time and at this rate will probably take 2-3 more weeks to get it relatively clean unless there is some magical moment where it clears up over night.

    My filter pressure is relatively low <15 PSI most of the time. When the pool guy game he said to backwash it of the pressure got up to 20> or more...I've never seen more then 16.

    I read the section on adding DE to a sand filter, is that something I should do/look into or am I looking at another problem...or is this completely normal?

    FWIW I've been struggling with water clarity since day one. We got behind when we moved in and running the filter 24/7 we got it relatively clean but never clear.

    On another note I thought I would mention in the possibility it may be associated, the valve has a minor leak in it. After back washing and rinsing the backwash valve continues to slowly fill. Every 2-3 days I have to empty the backwash tube. I'll be replacing the valve entirely next spring but if this is in some way associated maybe I will be doing it sooner

    Any help appreciated,


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    Re: Is filter operting properly?

    Adding DE to a sand filter usually will start clearing up a pool pretty quickly. There are small particles that a sand filter just can't remove on it's own. if you follow the directions when adding DE watch were your water returns from the filter to make sure the De isn't just circulating back into pool. Use enough to increase the pressure 1 lb. and then check guage periodically for a sharp increase in pressure. Backwash and repeat if necessary

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    Re: Is filter operting properly?

    Have you performed an OCLT?
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    Re: Is filter operting properly?

    Why wouldn't you lower your CYA?
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