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Thread: Cracked Jandy Valve housing

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    Cracked Jandy Valve housing

    So I just replaced all my o-rings on a Jandy valve and when replacing it i noticed that it was over tightened at some point and it is cracked where one of the screws was put in on the cover. Both the cover and the valve body are slightly cracked. I didn't think it would matter that much because the cracks look like they were just on the outer part where the screw goes but after holding for a few days the pump started losing prime again. I held a running hose on the area and it clears the leak so it is obviously that area. Is there any way to glue it or fix it without having to cut out the valve body and re-plumbing it?
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    Re: Cracked Jandy Valve housing

    Get a small can of Christy's red hot blue pvc glue at home depot, depending on how bad the crack is ( it sounds like a hairline crack ) then you can try, with the pump running ,and primed, to apply the glue around the crack and the suction from the pump will draw the glue into the crack, you should notice an improvement in pump sound, and visually through pump lid air should disappear, as it fills the crack, maybe get a large hose clamp to wrap around body and see if closes the crack after tightening clamp, i use glue sometimes on customer pools when i check for leaks on a jandy valve, or pump fittings,etc, if i notice air bubbles in pump basket area going away, i know i found a leak, the glue doesn't fuse to the plastic like a glued pipe joint does, plus i always re plumb areas that are leaking anyway so, if its just the ear where the screw hole is broken off, you can apply silicone instead to the area while it runs, goop it up around any place you think is not sealing, let it dry for a few minutes, then put some more on, put it around the edges of the cover plate, etc. since the damage is done, it really doesn't matter how you go about trying to save the valve, if the air leak can be stopped that's what counts,

    Bear in mind , this only works on valves or fittings, that are on the suction/front side of pump that are leaking air, water/pressure leaks on the discharge side of the pump cannot be sealed this way " you cannot seal a pressure leak from the outside"

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    Re: Cracked Jandy Valve housing

    I had a Jandy check valve get over tightened and cracked. My clear cover wasn't cracked, but the screw housing area was cracked and tooth picks put in the screw holes did the trick. The tooth picks give the screws something to bit on when tightening. I'm not saying this will be your fix, but you can try it in addition to any other tips.
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    Re: Cracked Jandy Valve housing

    Jandy valves have a lifetime warranty. You may try giving Jandy a call, couldn't hurt. You may receive a new valve.

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    Re: Cracked Jandy Valve housing

    Did any of these fixes work for you? I have a similar issue. I have one screw that spins but it doesn’t look cracked inside the housing.

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